Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Feeling Blue

A friend just gave me a bumper sticker that says 1.20.09. My 4-year old, who can recognize letters and numbers now, asked me the meaning of the sticker. Now I make up enough stuff, like what it's like in heaven and where all the suddenly misplaced toys from the bottom of the toy basket really went. I felt like this was a moment to really explain our values and tell the truth. So I said that the numbers mean the date that George Bush won't be our president anymore. I should have known from the cartoonish ticker-tape-in-the-brain look on Bird's face that he wasn't satisfied with the answer.

He went on to ask why that is so important that I have a sticker with the date on it. Now, I haven't been shy about bashing Bush and his cronies in front of my children. I at least do it with a happy lilt in my voice. Both boys know that Mommy and Daddy don't agree with Bush, and we generally leave it at that. Nevermind why the boys stomp on the Texas puzzle piece and handle it like it's been coated in elephant dung when they work on their US map puzzle. Nevermind that Bird sees Hummers on the road and says, "Mommy, that guy doesn't love the earth and he thinks he's so cool." Nevermind that both boys now point to any house over 2000 square feet and say it's obnoxious. I can't imagine where they learned all that crazy liberal chatter.

Anyway, Bird was really on the verge of pestering me for details about Bush so I had to come up with something. I started it after all. It went something like this:

"Mommy and Daddy don't agree with George Bush."

"Why not, Mommy?"

"Well, we care more about the earth and other people than George Bush does."

"What does he like if he doesn't like the earth and people?"

"He likes to make money. Plus, he made us go to war."

"What's a war, Mommy?"

Oh shit. Now Pandora's box is wide open and consuming me in total Lewis Carroll fashion.

"Well, a war is when soldiers fight each other for what they believe. The president makes the decision to start a war."

"Why did George Bush make the soldiers fight? Do they use guns? Can we visit a war? Have you ever seen a war? Why are we warring?"

"Nevermind about the war. Bush just doesn't make decisions to help the people in our country. That's why Mommy and Daddy are going to vote for a new president. Now how about watching some Cyberchase on TV now?"

Yes, I resorted to TV to end the conversation. I started something I couldn't finish. Clearly I'm not equipped to espouse the virtues of the blue view to a 4-year old. Am I creating political rebels...will my kids become Alex P. Keaton despite my liberal rants?

And lastly, when our nanny came over today, the very first thing my 2-year old said was "We don't like George Bush."

At least she said, "I don't either. That man's gotta go."
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Anonymous said...

I don't really have much to say except it's one of the true pleasures of parenthood watching your kids political lights switch on. For them to see there is a world outside and want to join the fight is exciting.

Look forward to more...

Anonymous said...

I like how you imbue your politics into a 5 year-old... glad to know they'll be hard-wired.

Texas is hallowed ground... your boys and I are going to have words:)

Anonymous said...

Bush is Bad. Don;t blame Texas, tho. Blame that "rhymes with rich" Barbara. She's the WORST mother in the world.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool.
Ever thought of doing a piece on NPR? Not because of their allegedly liberal leaning but they seem to like good stories in well written prose.

VDog said...

I'm pretty sure I HAVE to wear that shirt to BlissDom. Teeheehee.