Friday, May 15, 2009

5:00 Fridays

My hot chef of a friend Jennie told me about lavender vodka in passing on Twitter one day. I have lavender sachets in my linen closet and have the essential oil to soothe mosquito bites (not sure if this works more than psychosomatically). Purple is also my favorite color so I have always been partial to lavender flowers. I had a delightful lavender creme brulee once so I figured infused vodka had to delight the senses every bit as much.

All the flavored vodkas lining the shelves of the ABC store threw me into a whirl of giddiness, leaving me feeling as high as I did when I first stepped foot into Dylan's Candy Bar. I've generally been a vodka purist, eschewing all but the vanilla vodka time to time.

And then I met Lavender Lemonade. Oh, that would totally be my porn star name if I would ever stop snickering long enough to actually be a sex kitten. Think about it: Lavender Lemonade, sniff and pucker. Too raunchy? This striptease/pole dancing party I was invited to has me all hot and bothered. More bothered than hot. And yeah, I know there's a blog post waiting to be written there. Oh, as usual, I digress.

So I got myself some Rain Organics Lavender Lemonade vodka and started experimenting. Here's the taste test winner. In fact, it was so tasty that Mac Daddy, who normally likes his women and his liquor brown, is polishing one off right this very minute.

Lavender Rain
1 shot Rain Organics Lavender Lemonade vodka
1 tablespoon simple syrup
1 ounce pineapple juice
splash of club soda
few sprigs of fresh mint (I plucked mine from my very own garden! Not that I'm bragging...)
fresh raspberries (Plucked fresh from the walk in fridge at Costco)

Muddle the mint and simple syrup. Add ice, vodka, and pineapple juice to a rocks glass. Top off with a splash of club soda and stir. Add 3, exactly 3, raspberries for garnish. You taste buds will salute the sweetness of the pineapple and the earthiness of the mint and then curtsy to the subtle flowery finish of the lavender.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Every so often my world is jarred, and stereotypes go all topsy turvy on me. In those moments that little voice in my head sounds strangely familiar. Hmmm...I got it. It's the same robotic monotone as the talking cars that remark, "Door is a ajar." Only my voice sounds more like Rosie and says, "World is jarred."

I was driving behind a car yesterday, and I can't seem to shake the impression. Picture this:

Black muddy pick up truck, a big one, with wheels taller than most people in India. Oh don't get your bloomers in a bunch, I speak from experience. The truck was peppered in bumper stickers like "Here Fishy Fishy," "My rod is bigger than your rod," and "Possum, the other white meat." I'd like to do a socialogical consumer research study on the underpinnings of why people choose bumper stickers. This truck had some sort of rack contraption and a giant green metal tool box in back. The license plate had a rebel flag on it, and there were those tacky mudflaps with the profile of an unnaturally buxom woman straddling this or that (Did Carrie Prejean pose for that too, perhaps?) and a homemade posterboard sign hanging in the back window that read "I love guns and God."

We were stuck at many red lights, and I have an uncannily keen knack for detail so trust me on the deets here. For the record, I'd be great at spotting the bad guy in a police line up so don't fuck with me.

So upon closer inspection I note a dog in thr front seat with the mustached, mirrored sunglass wearing dude in the driver's seat, tatooed arm hanging out the open window. I was dying to see that tat but couldn't get the right angle (There's a geometry joke here, but since I am the only Indian in the world who's bad at math and science I'm not the girl to crack this particular joke.). So back to the dog.

Tell me what kind of dog you suspect this dude had.

lab (black, yellow, chocolate...take your pick)
pit bull
bull dog

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Wordless Wednesday: He's here to stay.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Movie Meme

My bloggy buddy DC Urban Dad (whom, incidentally, I have met in real life and think is pretty great), has tagged me in a blogosphere game of meme. FilmFather started this lil ol' meme, and since I love the movies, I figured I'd be a sport and play along. And for the record, this was way harder than it looks. Go on, try for yourself.

So here goes, my 10 favorite movie characters. Warning, my taste in movies teeters on the edge of my musical leanings. Don't judge me.

10) Margot Tenenbaum - I admit it, I can't stand Gwyneth Paltrow but I love her character in The Royal Tenembaums.

9) Kaiser Sose - I've never looked at a Quartet brand white board the same.

8) George Berger - I wanted nothing more than to let the sun shine in after I saw Hair with my best friend Nancy my junior year of high school.

7) Bill Lumbergh - Office Space holds the same cringe factor as #6. And boy, I sure don't miss cubicle hell.

6) Miles - Sideways was full of neuroses that made me simultaneously cringe and crack up. And I don't drink merlot either.

5) Marty - Oh, how Natalie Portman brilliantly had Timothy Hutton wrapped around her young little finger.

4) Danny Ocean - Heart be still.

3) Ferris Bueller - I saw this movie in German the first time I watched it, and it still killed me. Matthew Broderick rocks, even though he married SJP. I still don't get that match.

2) Napoleon Dynamite - Come on, Jon Heder is so freaking hysterical. A liger? Funny shit.

1) Holly Golightly - My all time favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's. It's the only movie that's better than the book, and it's all because of Audrey.

So who makes your list?

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Why I'm Sorry This Mother's Day

What? No requisite Mother's Day post here at Dirt & Noise? I mean, this is a parenting blog, right? One of many in the mommy blogosphere. Sigh.

I did have some profound words to share but decided to thwart the Mother's Day mushiness and write an apology instead.

Sorry I was such a bitch before I had children of my own. Check out Deep South Moms for the scoop.
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