Thursday, May 8, 2008

Voiceless = Useless

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to corral two boys without a voice? I am coughing my way through the day with a bad case of bronchitis and laryngitis. The hacking is annoying to anyone within a 5 mile radius. What's worse is my feeble, muted attempt to speak.

For anyone who knows me, you know that staying silent is not something I do well. One time Mac Daddy, Tony, and Cathy challenged me to not speak for five consecutive minutes on a road trip to Alpine Valley to see Jimmy Buffett. I couldn't do it, captive audience and all, how was I supposed to stay silent when there was SO MUCH to remark on in that time?! Every single report card I got as a kid said in one manner or another that I talked too much in class. Here at age 39, I still talk too much. No lessons learned, I suppose. Bird keeps getting yellow cards in school for the same reason. It's hard to punish him for that. He can't help that the talks-too-much gene is crowding his gene pool.

The house is eerily quiet with Deal napping and Bird building a fort with jump ropes, pillows, paper towel tubes, and cardboard. Geesh, I think he's making a booby trap. There's only so much interaction we can have, me being the mute and all. He can't read yet so writing notes is fruitless. I always sucked at charades so that's of no use. Gesticulate as I might, it's not going well. Pictionary, anyone?

Should I book a flight to head to New York's Voice and Swallowing Institute?

Argh, I miss my voice!!!!!!!! (!!!!!!! for added effect since I can only figuratively scream right now)
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Anonymous said...

What a cruel cruel world. From one "chatty cathy" to another, I hope you're free again soon!