Friday, July 18, 2008

5:00 Fridays

I am an ENFJ.

The J is for judging, which does not mean judgmental, though I admittedly am. That's only because I feel like I have pretty good judgment, of course. J girls are planners. Make that Planners...with a capital P. I bet you anything that my friend Christy is a J. She's already got her vacations planned through 2019, and I know she's packed for her Disney trip...in November. J people are into multiple Big Os. Alright folks, minds out o' the gutter. The Big Os are Order and Organization. Duh! Anyone who knows me should know that. Nothing is more of a turn on. Wa wa wa, as Chachi would say. People like me like to have things planned and settled.

Um yeah, that's why Mac Daddy and I just planned a beach getaway this morning. We leave tomorrow. As in the DAY AFTER TODAY. That's order and organization for ya. The epitome of planning.

Note that pre-kids we traveled with no hotel reservations. We would literally land and head to a hotel that looked cool. This was a bad idea when we were traveling in New England when I was six months pregnant with Bird. We literally found a room in the third state we stopped in, and for that we still love Maine. Talk about no room at the inn. Who says Mary and I have nothing in common?

So yeah, now I need to pack for the beach for three people (Mac Daddy's on his own, dude), and the laundry is still in the basket. The dirty clothes basket. And it's almost 6:00 PM. Did I also mention that I've held out on buying a new bathing suit so I'm heading out after dinner to look for one? I dragged Bird along today to do some swimwear shopping, under the guise of a big, high fashion solo adventure with Mommy, but all we found were suits large enough to use as a tarp. Bird can't even count as high as some of the sizes we saw hanging on the racks today. I cannot imagine the size of the boobs that jostle in the suits we saw today. Ouch.

In honor of our beach trip, I present to you, the Sandy Beach.

Get yourself a Collins glass, one of those tall skinny ones. Fill with ice, but no too much. No sense diluting the rum as it melts. Now add the following and stir.

2 oz. coconut rum (I'm partial to Malibu because it reminds me of some crazy fun times with my friend Jen in grad school.)
1 splash Grenadine
Fill the rest of the glass halfway with OJ (pulp free, but go for the calcium enriched to make this a healthy option)
Fill the rest of the way with Pineapple Juice (Can someone tell me why this only comes in a can?)
Garnish with a slice of lime (You all know by now the importance of garnish. Consider it mascara for your cocktail. Everyone looks better with it.)

Add a fancy umbrella, put on your hottest non-mom bikini, turn on the Don Ho, light a tiki torch, nestle your red toes (natch) in the sandbox, and drink up!

Cheers! See you next week...if I decide to come back...
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The Cube Monkey said...

"...but all we found were suits large enough to use as a tarp. Bird can't even count as high as some of the sizes we saw hanging on the racks today. I cannot imagine the size of the boobs that jostle in the suits we saw today. Ouch."

Thank you...as if us big gals didn't feel uncomfortable enough in bathing suits. =(

Adcock Circus said...

Cheers! I can smell the Mailbu rum a mile away - ahhh sweet memories....

Ok, I am back! Enjoy the beach trip and look away from the big boobs!!! I have a harder time with the bleach blond (to the point it is really no longer a true color), skin so tan it is really more like a hide, blue eyeshadowed, mis-spelled tattood, lady (and I use that term loosely) that prances down the beach in a string bikini that is really serves as advertisment for a cheap beer. But then again, maybe that is only in Myrtle.

Di said...

I am an ENFJ as well!!! There's nothing more annoying to the P's of the world than an extroverted J!!!

I swear, my neighborhood could never form a carpool, plan a sleepover or put together a golf foursome without me!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time at the beach!

Anonymous said...

I have an awesome drink I will send you as a suggestion. It's my brother's actually but, after years in Africa, he can make a mean "safari-tini" - which is a bit funny since we were in Africa during our high school years but hey, there was hardly much of a drinking age anyway. Anyhoo, I forget my MB reading. I just know I am very vulnerable to commercials. And as I sip on a yummy beer this evening, I will quote a wonderful Red Stripe commercial to emphasize that point: "Hooray Beer"!

The Over-Thinker said...

Can I just say that I'm thrilled to know that you are also an ENFJ! And yay to multi-tasking that we thrive on but then complain about later! We are awesome :)