Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ad Cents

Is anyone aware of the proposed legislation to limit the ability of small publishers and bloggers to carry or sell advertising? I've just heard of it from a graduate school alum (helps to be part of a Journalism school listserv). This could affect Google AdSense and operations like Federated Media.

It seems that the Internet Advertising Bureau is the only group trying to battle this legislation. Anyone have insight on this issue? I can understand how this could be under the radar for me because I am living at a frenetic pace these days, but how could it get by my blogging brethren? Is it for real? Is there more to know? Am I over reacting? Please shed some light on this girl in the dark.

Yoo hoo! That would be me. Over here. No, here. Just follow the sound of my panting and hyperventilating. I'm in the corner behind the stack of to-do lists, bills, business cards, receipts, dog eared recipes from Cookie, and Post-it notes of books to buy (which include Sacred Hunger, Silent Spring, The World Without Us, Mississippi Sissy, Loving Frank, Blessed Unrest, and Blindness in case you're wondering).

What up, man? This mama needs a new pair of shoes!
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The Over-Thinker said...


I've not heard of this legislation--in fact, it would figure that something like this would happen JUST as I've started to think about putting advertising on my blog.

And I do NOT want to shop at Payless!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought the little guy found ways to make some money, the Man will come up with something to hold us down!

Susan said...

I haven't heard boo about this. I bet it will be a topic for discussion at BlogHer in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know what I hear. Thanks for raising the issue!

Anonymous said...

I could paper the walls of my kitchen with the stacks of "to-do" lists I've made this week.

A Crafty Mom said...

I hadn't heard this either . . . I'd be surprised if it went through, but then, stranger things have happened.

Hot shoes - very funky.