Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama Mama Redux

See that gorgeous Indian lady with the sassy hennaed hair and ginormous earrings? That's my mom. Yup, the one who gave birth to me. I'm the apple, and she's the tree.

I can't see her hands but I'm guessing she's wringing out her clammy palms or clasping them in prayer, begging the goddess of political stardom to plant Obama into the Oval Office come November. But chances are, she's digging in her gigundo purse for her camera. I bet it's one of those unstructured hobo bags I hate because it doesn't have any compartments. It's a good thing a photographer from Der Spiegel caught this shot because I don't think she'd know how to work the camera if she unearthed it anyway. The woman knows politics and current events but she don't know squat about technology.

My mom was in India when John, Paul, Ringo, and George visited back in the 60s. Seeing Obama up close and personal trumps that, I'm sure. And would you take a look at Obama. Where's he looking? As I see it, he's making direct eye contact with my mother. My mother. I'm all goose pimply over this. I feel like I am a rockstar by association. Well, maybe a groupie. I see matching Obama Mama T-shirts in our future. And look again at his eyes, he's holding that gaze; this is no fly over glance.

My mom lives in Berlin for part of the year. Being overseas has not squelched one iota of her Obama fever. She's still tirelessly campaigning, working the phones, and hosting staff members to ensure Obama squashes McCain. Her zeal is contagious. And trust me on this one, she was an Obama Mama before the term was coined. Foresight. The woman's got foresight.

Meanwhile I'm working the Obama brigade over in North Carolina. I'm set to take Bird canvassing with me. I took Deal to visit the campaign office today. He digs any place that has stickers, though the Obama logo and his visage planted all over the place made Deal's little head spin with excitement. This is a prime opportunity to introduce our boys to our values, political views, and civic duty. Why not grab this teaching moment by the horns and make some freakin' noise?

Bird just saw the photo of my mom and exclaimed, "I didn't know Nani was friends with Obama!" From the sounds of his squeal and delight, you'd think his Nani was shaking hands with Peter Parker himself.
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Anonymous said...

Let's hear it for ObamaMamas everywhere!

What a fab photo. One to tell stories about in years to come.

Julie Pippert said...

Oh how very, very cool.

The Over-Thinker said...

Freakin' Fantastic!! And he is absolutely looking right at her. And totally not at her unstructured hobo bag (I love the idea of them but logistically speaking, they work as well as Bush.) (Had to get that in there.) (Because why not?)

Anonymous said...

This is Ali, one of the very grateful staffers your mom has hosted for the last few days. She asked me to clarify that she was NOT wearing a hobo bag. In fact, it was a very untrendy volunteer badge that I made her wear. Apologies!

Unknown said...

I LOVE it - I applaud your determination to teach the boys about the political process and significance of this election before us. I would love to get young Q involved too but at 11 months, he's got some work to do. He can make 3 sounds: O, Ba and Ma...just not all together yet!

The Cube Monkey said...

How cool is THAT!!! =)
I'm jealous!
!! Go MOM !!

San Diego Momma said...

**First of all, laughing at Anonymous' comment....***

Secondly...it's great that you've got an interested, involved, dynamic mom like your Obama Mama. It's a great thing for your sons to see. She's a wonderful role model!

Anonymous said...

Good for your mom! (good for you, too).

First time visitor... Hi!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO ILINA'S MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're a star "Obama Mama"

Anonymous said...

That is UNBELIEVABLY COOL. A picture to cherish forever. Wow wow wow.

Jack said...

I realize I am months late commenting here but....WHOOO HOOOOO

Amy in Ohio said...

LOVE IT! I feel cooler just knowing your mom via you!


foolery said...

That's a keeper. I hope you were able to get a larger version for the mantel? ;)