Friday, August 22, 2008

5:00 Fridays

While you, dear readers, are reading today's post from the comfort of your own office, home, iPhone, I am on a cross country flight with a 3 and 5 year old. We're going to Disneyland! And to think, I didn't even run away from home, crash my car, rob a grocery store, or flip off president George.

wink wink to those get the Dada allusion.

Today's drink is in honor of a famous martini served in the lounges of the Magic Kingdom. Who knew there was liquor at Disney? I just might like this place.

Cue the Wonderful World of Disney theme music...

Blue Glow-tini

1 ounce Skyy Citrus Vodka (I prefer Absolut for a mixing vodka, but the recipe calls for Skyy.)
half ounce Bols Blue Curacao
half ounce Bols Peach Schnapps
1 ounce Sweet & Sour mix
half ounce pineapple juice (Why is it always sold in a damn can?!)

At Disney they toss in a Blue Glow Cube to make the thing light up. My mom has a set of these fun party tricks, but the kids messed with them long enough to make the things die, leaving a plastic cube floating in the glass. Not as festive as one that actually works.

Toss it all into the silver martini shaker that I know you've run out and purchased, with ice, shake, strain, and pour into a large martini glass with a sugared rim. Add the glow cube.

If you don't have a glow cube, it's just as festive to add some Mickey Mouse shaped ice cubes for fun.

Now sit back and bask in the wonder, glow, magic, and dreaminess of it the buzz that will befall you. Sprinkle liberally with pixie dust and fairy potion if you have some stashed in the pantry.


Oh, and if you hear screaming from up above, it's the pilot kicking us out of the plane without a parachute.
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The Cube Monkey said...

I can give a million reasons justifying alcohol at Disney! The PRICE...for 1. hahahah but we still love the Mouse House and all it's wonderment. =)
Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

TG for booze at Disneyworld. Epcot? Yeah. BEST AROUND THE WORLD PARTY. EVER. Especially during the food and wine festival... Sure does make the lines and craziness more bareable and everything is just that much more "magical".