Saturday, August 16, 2008

Impeach Bush. You'll sleep better if you try.

In all the hubbub of the upcoming election (and a damn exciting and important one it is!), we seem to forget what a shitty and downright dirty job George Bush has done. If Janet Jackson were to ask him, What have you done for me lately? he'd just smirk, flash that signature shit eating grin, and harumph his way to a babbling non-answer.

The answer is: George Bush has done NOTHING for us lately. In eight years he has drive nthis country into the ground and left us with no shovels or backhoes to dig ourselves out. Meanwhile, he and his oil and Halliburton cronies are getting fat off our backs and tee hee heeing all the way to their private island to count their money and pat each other on the back.

I challenge you to list three things Bush has done or influenced to make your life better than it was 8 years ago. I can list 12 million things he's responsible for to make my l ifeworse but can't muster one single way in which he's made my life better. And by "my life" I mean an extension of what Bird and Deal will pay for well into their adulthood. They are my life, and I want to exercise what rights and power I have to secure their future.

Bush is going to dance his way out of office without a blemish. No accountability for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan (also a war, folks, whether we officially call it that or not). The situation ain't getting any better. "Mission accomplished," my ass. His legacy will certainly be Worst President Ever. D'ya think he'll care? Nah. Fat cats grin as long as they're fat.

There are some people who believe Bush has more evidence for impeachment than a certain president who left his mark on a certain blue dress. Screwing Monica or screwing every single person in multiple countries? You decide which is worse.

Kucinich has some of that Paul Wellstone spark that I so admire. He's urging us to hold Bush accountable for his misdeeds. Please take a minute, literally one minute, to sign the petition. Perhaps it's for naught, but at least you know that you did just one teeny tiny little gesture to flip off George Bush. I for one, feel pretty good about it.

In the words of a brilliant Nike copywriter, just do it.
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