Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin in Comparison to Biden

Is this Candid Camera's PR stunt to relaunch the show? Has Ashton Kutcher gone politico on us?

It's all aflutter in the media today. Carville uses the word "vexed" to sum up McCain's odd choice of VP running mate. Begala says the choice is irresponsible. I'm on their team.

Sarah Palin. Heard of her? Nope. Me either. Joe Biden. Heard of him? Thought so. For the record, I'm so voting for his son Beau one day. He's not running for anything right now, but I'm keeping my sights on his political future.

It's no secret that I'm an Obamaholic. Of course I'm biased. But guess what, I'm a blogger, not a journalist. I simply opine, not report.

But seriously folks, let's look at a couple points regarding Ms. Palin.

1) She's a first-term governor of Alaska, the state of 670,704 citizens. And three electoral votes. And before she became governor? She was mayor of a town of 9700 people. Dudes, that's waaaayyy smaller than even Mac Daddy's hometown in west-of-nowhere Wisconsin! I bet most people in the lower 48 consider Alaska a foreign country.

2) Her lack of experience is laughable. Imagine the crib sheets she's gonna need when asked who our top foreign enemies are and how would she deal with them. Could she name all those dictators we're dodging? I can't but I'm not on a presidential ticket. Some doofus on Fox News actually said he thinks Palin has great foreign policy experience because Alaska is close to Russia. Hardy har har! Those conservatives are funny. Or are they just stupid? I somehow think the guy was not joking.

3) Palin could be McCain's granddaughter. Ageism is alive and well as much as sexism is. But guess what? I don't want a geezer drilling holes in my teeth, cutting out my tumors, flying my 747, driving my son's school bus, or controlling the red button. I don't even want the shaky handed white haired lady with too much red lipstick in the creases of her mouth at the Chanel counter apply my eyeliner. Yes, I am an ageist. But look, the reality is I'm petrified (see point #4).

4) McCain is 72 years old. He has battled cancer 4 times. He's not a spunky guy by any stretch. Should he not fulfill his bucket list, America is left with an inexperienced vice president to take the helm. Not to be morbid, but this is a real concern. McCain has defied the odds over his lifetime. He's no cat with nine lives. Not a hep cat, fo sho. We're at war with two countries and face potential nuclear threats from two more. Do you really want a newbie to make the call?

5) Did I mention that McCain met Sarah Palin one time before choosing her as his running mate? One time six months ago. Geesh, arranged marriages in India start off with more intimacy than that! I bet Pawlenty feels pretty snubbed. Romney too. I have more years of experience in student government than Palin has in public service. And look, we're only 4 years apart in age. I bet some of my schools were bigger than the population of Wasilla, Alaska.

Now let me tell you what's on my mind from a mom's perspective. Sure, Sarah Palin is a mom. A working mom, a term that makes me shudder. WE ARE ALL WORKING MOMS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Now she's a hero for giving birth to a Down's Syndrome baby. Rather, a hero for keeping him. Devastating, no doubt. I'm not discounting the courage, faith, and unconditional love she and her family demonstrated. But listen, plenty of people have challenges and heartaches. I am so turned off that the media is using baby Trig as a pawn. What really eats me is that the McCain camp puts Palin on a pedestal because she is a working mom. If I hear one more thing about "from breast pump to Blackberry" I'm gonna poke someone's eyes out. This is a farce. Am I the only one to see the transparency of this decision?

In this case, the woman is spotlighted for balancing motherhood with her career, yet so many of McCain's policies and perspectives squash women. Fair wage? Nope. Education for women? Nope, they don't need it, remember? Maternity leave? Sure, unpaid and your job's not guaranteed. And healthcare for kids? Nah. Pull yourself up by those bootstraps and get yourself some of that tasty orange St. Joseph's aspirin. Palin is nothing more than an exploited pawn to make the McCain ticket look like it truly embraces the plight of the working mom and women in general. Seriously hanging-on Hillary supporters, are you going to fall for that? You are a smarter bunch than that. I could stomach Meg Whitman over Palin.

Does it really help women everywhere when Alaska magazine puts Palin on the cover with the headline "America's Hottest Governor?" Yeah, I get the double entrendre. The problematic piece is the subhead "she's more than just a pretty face." Excuse me while I upchuck in the corner. Would we ever, ever make such statements about a male?

Here are some talking points that Republicans committed to memory today (I know this because I hear them all saying the same thing over and over again. Cliches, all of them.):

She governs the biggest land mass state. I guess size does matter if you're Republican.

When Sarah puts her mind to something, she does it. Well, ain't such gumption sweet? Just what I want in my PTA president.

She's got grit. Whoa, cowboy! I live in a house of dirt, I don't need more grit.

She's a mother. Um, yeah (insert Office Space inflection here). Last I heard the same people who tout family values don't actually value motherhood. Ironic, no? Picture this, a Democratic woman has a baby and goes back to the rank and file of work in six days. Heroine or heretic? You bet your ass that the Republican pundits would declare her a disgrace who was unfit for motherhood as well as a hormonal twit unproductive in the workforce.

She's a hunter. Am I to be impressed that she shoots the caribou and fries it up in a pan? Someone alert Charley to make a new ad campaign. Oh, and someone actually said that moose is Palin's "favorite meat product." I don't have a favorite meat product. Isn't Spam a meat product? Is that really the best they could pull out for her bio?

She has a son with Down Syndrome and a son off to Afghanistan. As my friend Julie said, it's like they pulled Sarah Palin from central casting. Is she really a mob member in the witness protection program who's been given a new identity? Is Sarah Palin real or is she an avatar? Are we in Second Life?

Sarah Palin is the most loved governor in all of America. I bet I could find 670,000 to give me an approval rating of 80% too. Just give me time to find more friends on Facebook. Let's not forget that GW Bush had approval ratings in the 70s at one time, and look at what a complete ninny he has proven himself to be.

Now it's clear that I too am vexed by McCain's choice in running mate. More than vexed, I am sore. Sore that he's choosing a woman as a political pawn to win the election rather than really, really think about the long-term ramifications on our country. But I guess being self-centered is the Republican way.
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Anonymous said...

This is something that Karl Rove would pull. Maybe The Republicans are trying to steal Gh Bushe's game plan...

I tell you this, if after all of the s**t that went down for the past 8 years and we still end up with a Republican in the White House, then America really deserves it to take it up where the son don't shine.

Anonymous said...

I meant "sun" not son.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Me? I am sitting here head in hands, trying to really GET what the hell McCain is trying to do here. I think you nailed it however. But, I just... I mean... really? Is he... could he be... Please tell me he didn't pick Palin JUST b/c he wants those HRC votes and could care less about much else or her actual ability to be VP. JUST b/c she is a woman with very conservative values (is it true she is a creationist?) Once elected, will McCain pat her on the ass and say, "Thanks girl, I got it from here." I just don't GET it. I knew about Biden but didn't know enough - now I do and completely get that pick. I knew NOTHING about Palin and now keep waiting for that "I get it" moment. So far, nothing. As you pointed out - YAY, a mom. Moms, women are cool. Love to see them at the helm. But thats besides the point. Her ability IS the point (not her hair, not her kids, not her hunting abilities) and um, is she really presidential material? And there were lots of other repub women options for VP. If its about a woman, why her? If its NOT about a woman, why her? I just, I mean I don't... Wha...? I am completely at a loss. So thats where I am, head in hands, speechless, unable to form complete sentences. I just... don't "get it".

The Cube Monkey said...

Yeah, when I read on the CNN website yesterday who his pick was, I just sat back in my cubicle chair with a very stupefied look on my face and the only thing that came to mind was....WTF?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with all of your points. Especially number 4. His health has been a concern, so how could anyone feel comfortable knowing that if something were to go wrong we would be in the hands of Palin? This was a low blow from McCain.

The Over-Thinker said...

Seriously---I'm nominating this one for a "perfect post" award through BlogHer.

I swear--you seem to read my political mind.

Ilina said...

Chris, I will be heartbroken if America ends up with Bush's third term. I thought we hit rock bottom 4 years ago. I didn't realize things could get worse. Alas, here we are.

Ilina said...

Caroline and Over-Thinker,

I'm so glad to read your words of agreement. I was beginning to think I was way-left-crazy-liberal-woman here. I really feel like women are taking two steps back for every step forward. Why is this not as transparent to everyone?!

Amy in Ohio said...

A most excellent post.

I love how the GOP now wishes to present itself as the woman's party - pay no attention to the man behind the curtain trying to return us all barefoot and pregnant to 1952. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm barefoot and who doesn't love being pregnant - but with my ass, there is no way I could pull of 50's fashion. No way.

Whit said...

Oh, she's a working mom, why didn't you say so?

Moose is for drinking, not eating.

Anonymous said...

Amy in Ohio, there is so much about me that would make a terrible 1952 wife. I think I'd look great in a ric rac apron and pearls with a sloe gin fizz in one hand and burp cloth in the other.

Anonymous said...

Oh Whit, Moose ain't even all that great for drinking.

Bridge said...

Thanks for the points with real substance, its better than my negative feelings in response to all the redneck pictures of her.