Tuesday, September 30, 2008


San Diego Momma has a new prompt today. I finally have a free 10 minutes to participate. To recap her ever so stringent rules: Each writer has 10 minutes and no more than 250 words to plot something with her prompt. Today's prompt is the following scene set up:

“You are in a corn field, with your dog, when all of a sudden, a plastic…”

So there I was, in the corn field that looked more like a maze of dead maize than the luscious farmers' fields off highway 29 I remembered from back home. I was enjoying a bit of peace after study hall and inhaling some fresh country air that didn't reek of the foul stench of horse manure for a change. Living in a 100 year old house converted to a dorm with 35 other girls was a drag. Too much squealing, giggling, cat fighting. Whose idea was it to send me to that all girls boarding school anyway?

The headmaster's dog, Archie, had jumped the fence again and was at my side for a bit of company until Mr. Maddox started howling for him. I reached down to nuzzle Archie's floppy ears when out of nowhere, a plastic pipe tip flicked Archie square on the nose. He yelped, and I leapt.

Then came the tell-tale giggles. Swisher Sweets to end the day, apparently. The senior girls had been frolicking with their favorite friend "Mary Jane" and had indulged in some dime store cigars from their day pass into town earlier. As I was inhaling the shit-free air, they were inhaling too.
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Cant Hardly Wait said...

haha, that reminds me of high school. good old days. 3 years ago.

Joanie said...

Nice work! Couldn't escape the other girls even though she tried. Ain't that always the way?

Da Goddess

Doot said...

Poor Archie!

And shame there was no respite from the girly silliness.

Still, well written and thoroughly enjoyable!


Glennis said...

Very cool. A very smelly piece - I felt I could smell all the things as I read it! I haven't thought of Swisher Sweets since my roommates and I used to walk down to the corner store on South Campus at OSU and buy the, smoking them on the way back to the dorm.

A very vivid piece of writing!

San Diego Momma said...

My dad used to smoke Swisher Sweets...(they weren't so sweet)...I may want to inhale shit, rather than these cigars.

Anyway! I'm so glad to see you this week! Good stuff, babe.