Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Visits Raleigh to Barack the Early Vote

One of many long lines. Throngs of hopeful, patient souls waiting to see the next President of the United States of America, live in Memorex. The Melting Pot personified here today. Wow am I glad I did not drag Bird and Deal to this. Five and three year-olds are not known for their ability to stand in a line for long periods of time unless a Star Wars simulator ride or Toy Story 3D shoot 'em up game is at the end.

Me and my Twitter friend @catnc. See Mac Daddy, I am not talking to imaginary friends on Twitter. @catnc is real. This is not a Bartles & James cardboard cut out. We had just come from coffee with Edie Falco, whose vacation home is in the teeny tiny speck of a town @catnc grew up in. They totally bonded.

Barack is totally pointing to me here.

Here Barack is saying something really smart about how we will be worse off four years from now if John McCain is president. I have a visceral reaction to the mere thought of it.

Another emphatic point here. The man rocks. He simply rocks. Damn if he isn't presidential.

Farewell, Raleigh. Please vote early! Polls are open through Saturday, November 1. You can even register and vote on the same day if you vote early. In North Carolina you cannot register to vote on Election Day, November 4!

See you on November 5, Raleigh. Next time, it's Mr. President.
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McMommy said...

That post was AWESOME!!! I voted today and I have to tell you..I am on an Obama high!!

Thanks for sharing such awesome pics. And for that last line about November 5th. I.CAN'T.WAIT.

Anonymous said...

Wow that must have been amazing! I'm Canadian and if I could vote in the US I would totally vote for Obama and according to some poll here most of Canada would do the same! :oD

Tammy said...

We sort of saw Obama in Fort Collins, CO on Sunday. (we couldn't see him, and only got to hear part of his speech, but it was still cool! 50,000 people!)

I cast my vote today! Colorado has notoriously voted Republican, but is shaping up to be for Obama this year!! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! So so cool how close you were! To see him speak in person, what a lucky thing. He has been down here many times but would have had to drag my 2yo. No way I would even consider it - lol. Anyway, only days to go, you know? I'm dying down here. :)

Monicarol.Evans said...

I didn't know about this rally until today!!! One of my classmates was there and actually had a conversation with Sen. Obama. She showed me pictures! I'm so jealous....