Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Letter to America

Dear America,

Don't let me down. It is a cold, dreary, rainy day in North Carolina. It's the kind of day that calls for tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. It's the kind of day that calls for hot chamomile tea, fluffy slippers, a chenille blanket, and a good long read. It's the kind of day you'd rather make a kitchen sink dinner than go out to the grocery store. It's the kind of day you even feel bad making the take out guy leave his van. It's the kind of day that you just know will leave you will the sniffles tomorrow.

It's the kind of day that will make a difference in our world. We will palpably feel that difference as soon as tomorrow. I promise you this.

Please, America, don't let me down.

It's easy to stay home, put up your feet, click on the TV, and bitch about how arduous and awful this election has been. It's easy to think your measly vote doesn't count and no one will even notice. People don't make strides by doing what's easy. One vote does count. In aggregate it all counts. Exercise your most magnificent right to vote. Women especially, exercise that vote armed with the knowledge of the fight it took to get us here a mere 80-some years ago, armed with the knowledge of the fate that awaits our daughters if a certain ornery old man and his renegade neocon take the White House.

In a game of Rock Paper Scissors, Hope will always kick Fear's snarky little ass.

I will not let my mind wander there for even a minute, for it is truly frightening. It would be disastrous, and that is no hyperbole.

Please, America, don't let me down.

Get off your ass, buck up and prepare for the lines, pack snacks and diversions for your kids, wait with your fellow citizens as you have the opportunity to write history. This is more than a front row seat, America, we are all given the plume to write a new story today.

Heck, in Raleigh you can even drop off your kids at Camp Obama at the St. Mary's Street HQ while you vote. Ask a neighbor to watch the kids and then reciprocate. There are no valid excuses today. We need you. Each and every one. Perhaps this post reeks of desperation and weariness. I suppose it is somewhat true. I am tired, on the verge of spent, yet I'll be pounding the pavement again today with my fellow army of volunteers who are making a real difference. I like to think that this post is also filled with the kinetic energy of hope, optimism, delight, and pride.

While rain might be cold and unpleasant and inconvenient, it brings with it the growth of new life, replenishment, rejuventaion, a reminder of the earth's cycle. The dawn of a new day is at our fingertips, America. Grasp it.

Please America, don't let me down.

A Mom of 2 Boys Who Deserve to Grow Up in the Presence of Grace and Goodness
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Glennis said...

"Hope will always kick Fear's snarky ass!" = too funny!

It's raining here in Southern CA, the polls open in an hour and a half. My polling place is in a rural part of LA County. I'll drive up a narrow, poorly paved driveway, park along the shoulder and climb the hill to the Community House. Hoping it won't be too muddy.

But damn, it's worth the climb. right??

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find the badge on BarackObama.com, so I stole yours! Thanks!!! Will post it this afternoon when I get home! :-)

Anonymous said...

I voted at the end for McCain purely for his tax proposal, as an owner of a small business, I voted to protect my familes financial interest and chose to keep the 40 employees employed on my staff. Top down economics. If I pay more taxes, I may in turn have to cut staff.

No matter your belief, it is awesome as an American to be part of this expierence! At the end of the day both campiagns have made great stride's in knocking down racism and allowing women to hold a real position of power.

Tonight's TV should be interesting. I have enjoyed your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh G, it is worth the muddy drive. I hope your car doesn't get stuck! Drive safely. This vote will make your heart swell.

Anonymous said...

Amen - one of these you and I will have to have some coffee and meet face to face. You are one cool mama.

BTW - this is why I voted for Obama - http://tinyurl.com/63xyfa

Melanie Sheridan said...

Let's hope America reads Dirt and Noise.

Deb Rox said...

Thanks for being an excellent comrade blogging and tweeting for hope and justice! One other good thing about this election has been meeting so many good people! I have so much hope for the future.

The Over-Thinker said...

How are you not posting todaaaaaay!??!!?? I'm so ready for an awesome kick-me-in-the-crotch fantastic Obama post, Ilina style!!!