Monday, November 10, 2008

Streppers in the House

The boys are sick today. Double case of strep throat. It was mighty pleasant dealing with two throat swabs this morning. Yup, nothing better than pinning down your kid and prying his mouth open long enough to allow the nurse to get a reasonable swab without getting bitten. Took three tries, lots of tears, some screaming, gasping, kicking, pinching, and promises of ice cream. Mind you that I was the object of said kicking and pinching, not the inflictor.

Both kids are pumped up with drugs, tomato soup, and watered down mango juice now. Popsicles will be awaiting when they wake from their much needed slumber.

They are unusually somber today. I must admit, it's kind of a nice break. They are mellow and cuddly, not whiny and mopey. We have enjoyed the day snuggling with books and listening to tunes from my childhood, Free to Be You and Me. Bird is especially snuggly, which is something I see him outgrowing bit by bit each day, and it breaks my heart. Deal is a lap dog by nature while Bird has the constitution of a cat. We'll watch some TV cozied up under a down throw this afternoon. Maybe I'll go all June Cleaver on you and bake chocolate chip cookies.

In the mean time, it's a shame the boys are sick. But it is indeed nice to have some quiet time together. I have a sinking feeling that the rambunctious kids I know will be back in rare form all too soon. Quick, put away the lamps! (We've had a rash of broken lamps at our house. Add those to the Christmas list.)

Be glad I posted the artful photo of the streptococcus bacteria. You might mistake it for abstract art even. If I had posted photos of the boys' throats you would have been left gagging. I spared you, dear readers. Then again, it could have been a great diet/appetite suppressant.
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Julie Pippert said...

Good for you enjoying the upside to sick kids. Yes, probably right about tomorrow, but hopefully this means a quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

My son was sick with a very high fever 102-104 and yes he too was lazy and snuggly, which I enjoyed, but then after 2 days I needed some me time and he only wanted mom. Of course he is now back to his old self.

San Diego Momma said...

I need a good diet/appetite suppressant! Send those throat pics! I'll tape 'em to my fridge.

And sucks about the strep...BUT I so know what you mean about cuddly time. The only days I get the snuggles anymore are when the girls are sick.

Hoping for healthy boys and broken lamps tomorrow,

The Over-Thinker said...

I'm with San Diego--post the photos. I keep falling off the Weight Watchers' Wagon...

Hope they're on the mend! But that they retain some cuddliness!

Unknown said...

Ugh, so sorry to hear they're sick - and both of them, too! However, I also know what you mean about the sick cuddles, they are sweet. And it's easier to have them both that way than one cuddly and the other running amok.

I hope they're both better soon and that you escape the sickness!