Friday, February 13, 2009

5:00 Fridays

First things first, DC Urban Dad is the winner of last week's Dirty Sue giveaway! I'll be in touch about deets to get your shirt size and all. Big round of applause to honing your tastebuds for your new favorite drink!

Tomorrow we mark the most Hallmark of holidays, the one whose hallmark is a bounty of over priced chocolate and roses.

I'd like to toast all of you with a special Valentine's cocktail I conjured up. I think it sure beats a bouquet fluffed up with baby's breath filler and box of waxy Russell Stover.

My Funny Valentime (Do all children pronounce it like this or just mine?)

1 ounce orange vodka (I'd go with Absolut Mandrin.)
1 ounce vanilla vodka (Mix it up and use Stoli Vanil.)
3 ounces pomegranate juice
Vanilla bean
Pomegranate seeds

Shake all the ingredients over ice. Pour into a martini glass. Split the vanilla bean and add to the glass for garnish. Sprinkle in a few pomegranate seeds for a finishing touch of symbolism. Pomegranates are, after all, an aphrodisiac. Ooh la la! I'm making myself blush.

A few of these will turn you into a cheap date before you can say metamorphosis.
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Deb Rox said...

Yum. Adding the orange vodka sounds awesome.

I like pom juice cocktails because they are good for you! Medicinal.

Anonymous said...

This souns great. I'll have two of them before I head to my White Tantra retreat!

Jen L. said...

Yummy McYum. Today's my birthday...I think these will the our party cocktails!

Musings of a Housewife said...

YUM. I actually have those ingredients, I think!

Anonymous said...

That sounds delish, I am 8 months sober, so maybe I will return to this martini. YUM!!

Gibby said...

Yummy, that sounds deelish. And my kids pronounce it Valentime, too.

Found your blog on Twitter, love it!