Friday, February 27, 2009

5:00 Fridays

I am a huge fan of all things chai. My whole being clamors for it come fall. I sip it indulgently by the fire on Sunday mornings while I read the paper in winter. Come spring I add some ice and savor the spicy tea into the warm months. The stuff just doesn't get old.

Oh, the hints of vanilla, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, fennel, ginger! An olfactory sensation indeed.

And so you can imagine my sheer delight at this Internet discovery, chai liqueur! Oh, Internet, I love you so. Yes, I hit upon a beverage custom made just for Dirt & Noise's 5:00 Fridays! Well, not really, but let's pretend, mkay?

Leave it to the Dutch to create this masterpiece: Voyant Chai Cream Liqueur. I guess those crazy Dutch learned a thing or two from the Dutch East India Company. Tea and spices were a huge part of that spice island monopoly after all. Why the heck did this creation take 300 years is the question?!

So when I manage to get my hands on this delectable ambrosia, I'm going to simply pour it over ice and sip. Maybe I'll add a shot or two of milk, you know, for the calcium.

There's a reason that the word "chai" means both "tea" and "want" in my native language.

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Mayberry said...

Ooh, great find. I luuuurve chai too. Best dessert I ever had was at Tabla in NYC--chai custard.

EatPlayLove said...

chai feeds my soul and I fall to pieces with out it. Luckily Boulder is a mecca of awesome companies producing fabulous small batch varieties.

I must order this liqueur. Ooh.

Anonymous said...

Chai - that's that thing I see women order at Starbucks and Peets... ha

Okay, anything with liquor in it is worth trying, so maybe I'll give this a look!

Jen L. said...

OH MY WORD! I may hire a sitter tomorrow while my husband's at work so I can drink one (and by one I mean 5) of these! YUMMY!!

Anonymous said...

Mhmm! This sounds delectable. Too bad I forgot to check here on Friday, and now it's Sunday night. Ah well, there's always next Friday!

The Mama Chronicles said...

Jen L., no need to hire a sitter. You can always make cocktail hour after bedtime!