Friday, May 22, 2009

5:00 Fridays

It's the unofficial beginning of summer, folks! The time of year those of us who grew up in the 80s daydream of Matt Dillon bringing us drinks and turning our chairs towards the sun a la Jeffrey Willis in The Flamingo Kid. Boy could he rock the white pants. Hubba Hubba.

Summer is the heyday for ice cream, though I happen to think ice cream is a seasonless treat. Even all those nipple freezing years in Minnesota didn't keep me from indulging in some Jamocha Almond Fudge or a waffle cone of some heavenly flavor concoction from Grand Ole Creamery.

And so today let's welcome summer, the season of sandals and I'm Not Really a Waitress toes...and 3 1/2 months of my kids out of school. And you wonder what drives me to drink...

Some n' Summer

1/2 cup pulp free orange juice
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 shot Frangelico
1 shot Stoli Vanil

Blend everything in a blender. Serve in a tall glass with a fancy straw and an orange wedge stuck into a frilly paper umbrella for garnish.

Orange you glad I'm serving up some shake with those hips?

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Jennifer Lo Prete said...

I suddenly feel the need to run to the store and pick up some supplies to make this bev... sounds delish!

Jennifer said...

Loving this one!

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, must head to video store and get my Dillon fix on now.

Jen L. said...

You said "Hubba Hubba" and "nipple freezing." HA!

Jamocha Almond Fudge is my favorite. (Of COURSE it is!)

This sounds grand. I love all things involving Frangelico.
Have a good weekend!

The Mother said...

Wow, you guys get out of school early.

I am currently negotiating with the gods for some intervention that will keep the kids in school, permanently.

I don't think my odds of success are very great, but maybe we could start a petition?

dadshouse said...

This looks seriously good. Ah, summer..