Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Every so often my world is jarred, and stereotypes go all topsy turvy on me. In those moments that little voice in my head sounds strangely familiar. Hmmm...I got it. It's the same robotic monotone as the talking cars that remark, "Door is a ajar." Only my voice sounds more like Rosie and says, "World is jarred."

I was driving behind a car yesterday, and I can't seem to shake the impression. Picture this:

Black muddy pick up truck, a big one, with wheels taller than most people in India. Oh don't get your bloomers in a bunch, I speak from experience. The truck was peppered in bumper stickers like "Here Fishy Fishy," "My rod is bigger than your rod," and "Possum, the other white meat." I'd like to do a socialogical consumer research study on the underpinnings of why people choose bumper stickers. This truck had some sort of rack contraption and a giant green metal tool box in back. The license plate had a rebel flag on it, and there were those tacky mudflaps with the profile of an unnaturally buxom woman straddling this or that (Did Carrie Prejean pose for that too, perhaps?) and a homemade posterboard sign hanging in the back window that read "I love guns and God."

We were stuck at many red lights, and I have an uncannily keen knack for detail so trust me on the deets here. For the record, I'd be great at spotting the bad guy in a police line up so don't fuck with me.

So upon closer inspection I note a dog in thr front seat with the mustached, mirrored sunglass wearing dude in the driver's seat, tatooed arm hanging out the open window. I was dying to see that tat but couldn't get the right angle (There's a geometry joke here, but since I am the only Indian in the world who's bad at math and science I'm not the girl to crack this particular joke.). So back to the dog.

Tell me what kind of dog you suspect this dude had.

lab (black, yellow, chocolate...take your pick)
pit bull
bull dog

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dadshouse said...

It's gotta be a pit bull. Though, if that truck had been in my neck of the woods, I'd say either German Shepard or Mutt.

I haven't seen a truck like that in ages! We have way too many BMWs and Mercedes and Ferraris in Silicon Valley. And tiny little dogs with squeaky barks!

Jen L. said...

You didn't tell me you were in my town, I would have come and said hi! (Oh, you weren't? Guess there are TWO of those trucks!)

I vote bull dog.

Anonymous said...

That dude totally had a Yorkie!

Dave said...

From the way this story is unfolding, it's likely the Yorkie or the Poodle. Please say neither; I'd like to keep my image of redneck stereotypes intact.

Magpie said...

A teensy yapping Chihuahua.

Anonymous said...

Okay, lap dog--it was a purse dog like Paris Hilton has.

Caroline said...

Tell me it was a poodle. (And that pic *CRACKS* me up, btw. Am often lined up pumping gas behind plenty of the very same mud clad huge wheeled monster trucks around here myself.)

Camden Watts said...

hmmm, tough call. if i go with what i think he had (based on many years of experience living in the country where trucks like this are not surprising, but the status quo), i would guess it's a mutt or a beagle or a lab. but, b/c you asked, it's got to be a poodle, right?

Anonymous said...

Just because the pit bull would be too obvious I am going to say it was a husky or a poodle.

ilinap said...

All I will say is someone here is right.

Ilina said...

Yorkie. The testosterony redneck had a little yippy Yorkie perched on his lap. If only I had had a camera!