Thursday, June 18, 2009

And the Jesus Talk Continues

Deal, who is in vacation Bible school this week (I know, I know), comes home to tell us about his lessons every afternoon. We've heard all about Queen Esther and the Jews she saved. He was painting pictures of the Jews the other day, though I'm not convinced he even gets what means. Yesterday's tale was all about how Jesus rose from the dead. Deal told us all about how the guard fell asleep on the job.

I could see Bird's eyes and brain gears in full motion. He was doing all he could not to interrupt.

And then he burst.

"Jesus is a zombie because zombies are walking dead people!!! Jesus is a zombie, Deal!"

"NO HE ISN'T!!!"

"Yes, he is!!! Jesus isn't real!!!"

Screaming, tears and all, ensued.

God, help me.
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The Tutugirl said...

Your kids have the most interesting conversations about Jesus...though I guess Bird is right- Jesus was a zombie. SWEET.

Magpie said...

OMG, zombies.

My kid is going to a jewish camp this summer. I wonder what she's going to come home with...

The Mother said...

Somehow, I don't think God is gonna get you out of this one.

This is what you get for letting your kids THINK. You could have rammed ideology down their throats, and had nice, NORMAL conversations at the dinner table. But NO--

I suggest the TMI tactic--douse them with religious philosophy, the documentary hypothesis, and the historical background.

They might learn something. Even if that something is to not argue religion in front of the parents.

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

Oh, too funny! How ever did you resolve this one??

Ree said...

Oh boy. I remember an ex-boss (Jewish) of mine who said that his daughters were invited to a First Communion ceremony for a friend of theirs.

They were mortified by what the priest was saying about Jews killing Jesus.

Although I don't think Zombies were mentioned.


Camden Watts said...

Oh, that is absolutely hilarious! My improv friends (who love zombies) will enjoy this story!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome...I wish I had thought of it first!

Kelly said...

This *should* be blasphemous.
It's not.
It's genius!

Give Bird a hug for me!

Anonymous said...

I've never quite though of Jesus as a zombie...leave it to a little boy, right?

MamaSove said...

Hilarious! LMAO... thanks ;)