Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Interview

What do you like to do with Daddy?

Bird: Go to the park
Deal: Go to the pool

What is your favorite thing about Daddy?

Bird: That he's really good at basketball.
Deal: That he's always gentle.

What does Daddy do to make you laugh?

Bird: He tells really super duper funny jokes.
Deal: He makes funny faces.

What has Daddy taught you?

Bird: How to play basketball
Deal: How to swing

What does Daddy like to do with you?

Bird: Go to the greenway to ride bikes
Deal: Play dress up

What is Daddy's favorite thing to do?

Bird: Play basketball
Deal: Play the siesta game

Is Daddy more like a Storm Trooper or a Higglytown Hero?

Bird: Storm Trooper
Deal: Storm Trooper, but he looks like a Clone Trooper

What is your your favorite food that Daddy makes?

Bird: French toast that we saw on TV with strawberry sauce
Deal: Pancakes

What would Daddy's super hero power be?

Bird: To make himself sleep
Deal: Goo power!

What is Daddy's least favorite thing to do?

Bird: To have to stay awake when he's really tired
Deal: Hates to go to work because he hates when he's not with me

What would Daddy do in our family band, The Curried Cheeseheads?

Bird: Play the guitar
Deal: He'll just dance. (Bird interjects: A snoring dance)

What is special about Daddy?

Bird: That he always plays with me
Deal: That he always plays games

What would you like to tell Daddy on Father's Day?

Bird: That he's a really good dad. He's the best dad!
Deal: Happy Father's Day! I love you.

Happy Father's Day to Mac Daddy and to my Dad!
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Amy@UWM said...

That's sweet. The siesta game sounds like a clever dad-invented game. Kinda like the game my husband plays with my girls -- he lays face down on a bed while he lets them put barrettes in his hair. They call it the "hair salon" game, but in reality, all he does is lay there.

The Mother said...

If you aked my kids, they'd say that the most important thing is to stay out of father's way, lest he give you a chore.

We haven't even seen them today. I'm guessing they're hiding.

landismom said...

Awesome post. What on earth is Goo Power?

Anonymous said...

How sweet !