Friday, June 12, 2009

5:00 Fridays

I'll be teaming up with some friends old and new to run/walk/shimmy the Race for the Cure on Saturday. In case you are living under a sewer grate somewhere stinky and rather humid, surely you know that pink is the signature color for all things breast cancer-related. And so I created a lovely sipping-with-your-gal-pals-after-a-5k walk/jog/run/flutter step-while-hanging-on-the-deck-listening-to-the-Pretty-In-Pink-soundtrack-on-an-amp-cranked-to-11 cocktail.

I hope you enjoy one right after you're done feeling yourself up. Early detection, my friends!

Stop the War in My Rack
1 ounce Rain Organics Red Grape Hibiscus vodka
4 ounces of good quality champagne (Please, no Andre or lower shelf crap here!)
2 ounces pomegranate juice
splash of grenadine

Add first three ingredients to a cocktail shaker with crushed ice and shake. Strain into champagne flutes and add a dash of grenadine(just a dash, mind you!). Pop in a few pomegranate seeds or a whole strawberry to jazz up the presentation.

Cheers to keeping our racks safe!

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Unknown said...

Make sure you chat with the other walkers around you - there are so many stories out there and you'll love hearing most of them.
frozen grapes are a great treat on the walk....and have a bandana around your wrist or somewhere so if you want to get it wet at a water station so you can cool off and feel refreshed - its a treat.
I don't know how far you are walking but nothing is better than crossing the finish line with your team!
Have fun!

Eliz said...

Hiking in a few weeks for cancer. We are so going to celebrate with this at the end of the week of wandering up and down mountains.

dadshouse said...

Drink for the Cure!

Kudos on both counts.

Joanne said...

I would love one of those shirts. I saw them at the race today and your friends gave me this web site.

DCUrbanDad said...

How did it go?

Joanne said...

I guess I need to give you my email address, it is : sewingsisters@gmail.com thanks.

Let me know how we go about getting one if you are still selling them. I was told you are doing the three day walk. Where are you going to do it?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Ree said...

I'd LOVE one of them there shirts. You tell me how I get one...and I'll hand over the bucks.

Jamie said...

My wife would love to have one of those shirts. Let me know when it'll be available.

Good job, you!