Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bring Sexy Back, One Girls Weekend at a Time

Reporting for duty after a much needed vacay from reality. Reality doesn't suck, but it sure does suck the life out of me. Sometimes it's nice to steal away and forget that my name is Mom. Sometimes I like to be Ilina again. You know, the woman who wears dry clean only clothes, tall leather boots, carries all her belongings in a pocket, wears red lipstick, and has runway posture. Life with children can be shackling. Come on, I know you've thought it too. Now before you get all high and mighty on me, let me explain that I wouldn't trade my life. I love my family and cannot imagine life without my Bird and Deal (Mac Daddy too, natch). Seriously, folks, all that goes without saying, but I can't deal with the holier-than-thou freaks out there who are ready to pounce. Allow me to extinguish your fiery words of contempt.

No matter how you cut it, once in a while a girl's gotta break free from the shackles and don some sexy heels.

Girls weekend was a blast. A downright full blown spring break romp. Spring break minus the hooking up. Not that the boys weren't trying. A Shaun Cassidy lookalike thought I was 24. In the the din of the dance club he thought I said 31 when I corrected him. His eyes popped like a bad Spencer gag gift when I held up my fingers to make a 4 and a 1. And then there were the flock of boys and men wanting to get their groove on with the eight of us shimmying and breaking out all the bad moves together. We had not a care in the world except that we were free and together.

What's so great about aging (gracefully), is the confidence you gain. No worrying about looking just right, is he looking at me, is she giving me the stink eye, will he call, do I look like an ass doing this move, is he gonna buy me a drink, should I, would I, could I. The dizzying questions that run through a girl's head in a bar are far from the questions that run through a woman's head.

Am I going to trip in these shoes?
Will I be able to walk if I groove down to ground?
Are my ears going to ring tomorrow?
Does that guy realize I'm old enough to be his mother?
How do I get the smokey smell out of my clothes?
Am I too old to down a Slippery Nipple?
How many calories am I burning dancing this hard?
How far past my bed time is it?

The biggest difference between rocking the dance floor as a girl versus a woman is that at the end of the night, the single thought we all left with was, "I still got it."

And that, my friends, is the kind of confidence that money cannot buy. We're bringing sexy back to motherhood.
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Amanda said...

Sing it, lady!

Anonymous said...

Atta girl! I applaud you from Wisconsin on getting your groove back:)

Drew @ Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

You do realize that the Shaun Cassidy lookalike wouldn't know who Shaun Cassidy is?

TentCamper said...

And ...THIS...is why you are a Hot Mama!!

The Stiletto Mom said...

You are never too old to down a shot and having met you, I can imagine the shock on that guy when you admitted your age. You go girl....

Erin Conigliaro said...

I love you more with every post. You write what I think. I had a very similar girls weekend last year (tons of dancing, laughs and too many drinks). Reading this brought back all those great memories.

Anonymous said...
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Melissa said...

Woot woot- you go girl! I swear those exact questions go through my head when I'm out with the girls too!

Drew- your comment totally made me laugh. I am always showing my age here in the office with the 20-somethings.

Jennifer said...

You summed it perfectly honey. Truth be told, that's why I like my biz trips. Miss my family like crazy but getting to be just Jennifer is nice every now and then.