Monday, December 7, 2009

The Debate That Mary Sparked

Once again the boys showed just how different they are. And yeah, it's painfully obvious that our parenting is severely lacking. Read on. I'd like to pull what my friend Erin calls the "Indian card" and just say hey, I'm Indian, what do I know about Jesus?

While listening to Christmas music on the radio, Bird was asking why all the songs were about Jesus. Gulp. If I said that on Twitter I'm betting I'd lose most of my followers. That song about "Mary's boy child, Jesus Christ" did him in. I was beaming with pride right about then. Yeah, oodles of it. I emphatically explained that the whole point of celebrating Christmas was the birth of Jesus Christ. I further covered my bases and explained that some people believe this, but we just respect their beliefs and embrace them. I babbled. And babbled.

Deal chimed in right about here as I was fiercely backpedaling, which is pretty difficult considering I don't even know how to ride a bike.

Deal: (flabbergasted) "Yeah Bird, Christmas is for Jesus! It's Jesus' birthday! Christmas is about Jesus!!!"

Bird: (very calmly) "No Deal, Christmas is about SANTA."

Sigh. Parenting fail.
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wende said...

If I wasn't already following you on twitter, I totally would for this.

LOVE IT. Bird is right. And so is Deal. :D

megwhite said...

Non-fail! You're 100% normal. Every year I get to fill in the religious holes (that sounds horribly inappropriate) that children have. TODAY someone asked me what Santa is called in Israel. One of my favorite students of all time didn't know what the word "pray" meant, and used it to mean "prey". Beautiful. It's a big complicated world; raise them to be good people and the rest will work itself out :).

Erin Conigliaro said...

I am completely embracing the Indian card. Since we hang out so much these days I may start using it too just because of our close proximity. And you should be thrilled that you are raising two healthy and happy boys that are both so opinionated. I wonder where they get that from. Hmmm.

Victoria said...

Haha! So funny! My kids are debating on if Santa turned out to be fake, maybe God is too. I'm just hoping someone tells me the IRS isn't real and I never have to pay taxes again.

The Mother said...

I understand your pain.

I'm trying to teach my son to do crosswords. He likes the idea, but so many of the clues are references to stuff before he was born that it's hard.

So I downloaded the Times "Crosswords for Young Solvers." That'll fix the problem, right?

Wrong. All about Santa. Jewish/atheist kid. Frustration. Parenting fail.

I think I'll wait for the January puzzle. My luck, it'll be about the Bible.

The Mother said...

Oh, and Megwhite? You need a copy of Herschel and the Hanukkah Goblins.

dadshouse said...

I was raised Methodist, but as a kid I wondered why there were so many other religions in the world, and who was to say "ours" was the right one?

I think most religions share some core spiritual truths, and those are the parts I try to focus on.

The Xmas songs do get annoying.

DCUrbanDad said...

Having a child has done 1 major thing for me.....proven that we live in a uber complex world that sometimes makes no sense at all.

Anonymous said...

Ah, POV is everything, isn't it?