Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sit mens sana in corpore sano

The Spartans believed in a healthy mind in a healthy body. Shouldn't we embrace that basic tenet as Americans?

Mushy brain in a mushy body is more like it.
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The Mother said...

Yeah, but you'll get the cigarette out of our mouths and the beer out of our hands and the extra twenty pounds off our frames over our dead bodies.

This is America!

(Oh, and we have the right not to vaccinate our kids because we are idiots. Don't forget that.)

Anonymous said...

It's so sad that something so controllable (eating food) has gotten out of hand.
And I could just listen to him talk for hours...that authoritative British accent always makes me swoony.

Corina - Down to Earth Mama said...

Well, although I am guilty of sometimes serving preprocessed foods, and currently am guilty of being overweight, I WHOLE-HEARTILY agree with this. I know that when I eat fresh, I feel better, and my depression lifts. In fact, I signed up with the website to help him with the effort. I believe in it AND it will hold me accountable.

I decided before you even posted this (through my own desire to grow fresh food which I attempted last year, and failed miserably...... and a slight kick in the butt from you in last weeks WRAL post) that I would build my own cold frames this year. We are building at least 3 cold frames from our old windows (GO RECYCLING!!) on the side of our house. I would build more, but we have very little land, and even less that receives 6 hours of light a day. I will be documenting it all and my successes on my blog.... (as soon as we thaw out this year!) It doesn't get any fresher than your own garden. Can't wait to be picking spiniach and cabbage for THANKSGIVING dinner.