Monday, March 15, 2010

Wake County School Board Has Me Fired Up...and Worried

Our school board has bullied, bushwhacked, and axed a wedge clear through the county, and it reeks of party line politics. I'm up in arms, fancying myself an activist these days. Read on to see what has me so irate.

Here's a hint: Diversity isn't just about color.
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The Mother said...

School boards are notoriously close-minded. They are bully pulpits for stupid people who love to push others around. Hence the canceling of proms to stop a lesbian teenager from wearing a tux and bringing a date.

Hence your current crisis.

Hence ours, here in Texas, as the BOE rewrites history to their own whim.


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that they're allowing this to happen. And I'm glad what gets me revved up about our school board aren't those issues...we simply do not have them since we have one school for the entire city.