Tuesday, February 19, 2008


"Time to get in the tub, Deal." - Me

"Oh, OK. I'm coming. I love bath time! I can make bubbles in the tub." Deal

"Oh, yeah. How?" - Me

"I can make bubbles with my bottom!" - Deal

I suppose I have a lifetime of fart and poop jokes ahead of me. Again, Mac Daddy is gonna love it, all under the guise of playing along with the boys. Does anyone out there have a tea party loving, shoe-obsessed princess who needs some shopping tutorials?!
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Anonymous said...

Oh how I can sympathize. However, B's best friend is a girl, like his sister almost; and I get my girl fix that way. I don't think I could handle girls 24/7 though. BTW, I liked your super power choice!

Anonymous said...

Oh, YES, I have one of those girls and since I'm not, you're officially on retainer for the rest of her life. CS