Thursday, March 6, 2008

Customer Service is Not Dead

The amazing folks at Cafe Press are living proof that superior customer service is alive and kicking in our world of cell phone chatting sales clerks and excuse-me-while-I-file-my-nails service reps.

I ordered a bunch of Obama gear (like the shirt pictured above) and received the wrong size in a shirt I got for Bird. Cafe Press is simply sending me a new shirt in the right size at no charge and not making me return the shirt that doesn't fit. For all I know, I clicked the wrong size amid all the dirt and noise surrounding me so the fault is all mine. Cafe Press doesn't care. They just want to make my life easier. Did I mention they're not charging me for the shirt? Even though this is probably due to a simple slip of the mouse on my part. No return approval codes, UPS shipping costs, proof of delivery slips to lose in my ridiculously cute but overly slouchy hobo bag. (I'm a girl who needs compartments. Lots of them. The cuteness of the slightly metallic gold leather fooled me into thinking I could make a hobo bag work. I should have known that nothing with the word "hobo" attached is fashion-sensible.)

I can't remember the last time someone wanted to make my life easier. In fact, most days I feel like Deal refuses to potty train simply to make my life more difficult. Ditto for Bird and his know-it-all quizzes and Mac Daddy leaving his keys and shoes all over the place. I need compartments in my purse AND in my life.

I've been a fan favorite of Cafe Press ever since I ordered my awesome donkey shirt from there years ago. Now I'm a raving fan. Thanks for making my day a happy one with such a simple gesture. No customer compromises! And by the way, this is a totally unpaid endorsement...which is the only reliable kind.

If I created a custom shirt at Cafe Press, it would read "Everything in its place." -OR- "If Momma Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy."
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Anonymous said...

I agree that if the mother is not happy no one in the house is going to be happy. Isn't life interesting as the only female in the house?

Anonymous said...

I have a shirt from CafePress that reads, RunnerMom: I was so far behind I thought I was first.
I love it!