Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A matter of words.

Um, excuse me? Did I just hear that correctly? Give me a sec to clear the wax out of my ears. Did Hillary Clinton just end her PA victory speech with an enthusiastic chant of "Yes, we will!"? Really?

Last I heard, Obama had dibs on that one. Isn't "Yes, we can!" his battle cry (OK, his and Bob the Builder's)?

Does this seem a tad like plagiarism? And to think the Deval Patrick issue was newsworthy. Can Hillary not come up with her own mantra? Hmmm...one more reason Hillary makes my stomach churn...and my blood boil.

Yes, she does.
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Amy Donahoo said...

Ilina -- This post surprises me. While I agree with you that Hillary makes my blood boil, I think her chant was classic -- and good -- speech-writing.

She took Barack's mantra "Yes, we can" and one-upped him, making hers more relevant and more promising. It doesn't make me want to vote for her, but it does make me appreciate her speechwriters. -- Amy

Anonymous said...

I suppose that as a writer (rather, I fancy myself one) I'm irritated by the speech writers copying something that Obama wove into his brand. A writer who can inspire and invoke action and emotion with original thought and words are better than those who tag on to someone else's idea.

Hillary has been trying to play catch-up from the get go and has faced some obstacles being relevant to the masses of frustrated voters out there. I think she only admits and accepts her #2 status by copying #1.