Friday, April 18, 2008

Rescue me!

Some stereotypes are true. I first was smitten with firefighters after 9/11 when I truly realized their sacrifices and commitment (for next to no pay, mind you). And to be honest, they're hot. Pardon my shallowness.

Come on, what a personification of testosterone (in the best ways of course, not in that primal Fight Club way). What other profession creates calendars for fundraisers? Meet the hunky podiatrists of America! A close look at our country's Fed Ex drivers (granted, the Wall Street Journal did once have a middle column about UPS drivers being the new office hotties)! Fast food nation of fabulous fry chefs! Corporate C-suite schmucks bare all!

Today at the grocery store Deal and I chatted with three firefighters. Under the guise of Deal being enamored with them, natch. H-U-N-K-S. All of them. Don't think that we won't be delivering some brownies to Fire Station #9 in the near future.
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Anonymous said...

Hysterical, but right on about them being hot. I always see firemen at my Harris Teeter and am jealous of all the moms with boys who get to talk with them! Me and the little girl don't really have a good excuse to talk about big trucks with the firefighters!

Anonymous said...

Eat your hearts out ladies, I do have a fireman hubby and my son loves firetrucks and knows a lot about them.