Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sharp Shooter vs. Sharp Tongue

Movie star good looks. Swarthy charm. Poised demeanor. Confident style. Inspiring discourse. Unfaltering courage.

We have seen this before and grasped for it in our darkest hour. Deja vu? I was but a growing fetus in my mother's belly when Bobby Kennedy was shot. My parents weren't even living in the United States then. Still, I know what that fateful moment meant. I grew up knowing the weight of the nation then and the gasps heard around the world. Indeed it was the weight of the world. We are oddly at that crossroad again.

I've been mulling over and steaming over the comments Hillary Clinton made about Robert Kennedy's assassination. The Kennedy family is coping with quite enough right now. Invoking the possibility of Obama's assassination due to Bobby Kennedy's June 1968 demise is downright cruel, reckless, twisted, and indicative of her nature during tough times. Someone else has articulated my venom much better, with more insight than vitriol. Thanks to Will for sharing this.
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Anonymous said...

I'm a Hillary supporter but I agree with you. Hillary's comment was callous and outright stupid.

BTW, thanks for visiting my blog. Hopefully our paths will cross someday at the Terrace.

Anonymous said...

The Terrace is a great place to wash away our sorrows and celebrate our triumphs. I wish I were there right now...