Monday, June 23, 2008

He's my boy: Birdisms

"I am so not going to do that."
Uttered when I asked him to build me a shoe store out of Lincoln Logs. And yes, he rolled those 4-year old little eyes of his too.

"Can I have dessert even though I totally don't deserve it?"
Sheepish, yet cheeky grin firmly planted when he had the balls to ask after a dinner he took over 45 minutes to eat. We had all left the table, cleaned up, and started playing super heroes by the time Bird was done eating. Too much talking, not enough chewing. Happens every night. I can't imagine where that kid gets his motor mouth.

"Why do I have to look at your big fat butt?"
Upon seeing me exit the shower's glass doors. I still don't know where he learned the word butt. We do learn all about homonyms but haven't covered that one yet. I can't fault him for observing the big and fat.
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Anonymous said...

Love him! My MP's speech is now littered with "SO" and "Totally" too.

Totally have NO idea where she gets it.