Friday, July 11, 2008

5:00 Fridays

Today's cocktail is in honor of Mac Daddy's Wisconsin brethren arriving today. Four 40-year old high school buddies from Wisconsin converging on my house for the weekend. Did I mention they're all staying here? Four guys with a lot o' smack to talk, and perhaps a thing or two to prove, sleeping under my roof. Snoring. Boasting. Fart jokes. General bad influences on Bird and Deal. And yeah, that means Mac Daddy is absolved of all duties for the weekend.

Let's do some math just for kicks. Four men and two boys at Chez Dirt & Noise for the weekend. That makes six, count 'em SIX, sets of balls in my house for three days. Can you spell T-E-S-T-O-S-T-E-R-O-N-E? Dirt and Noise will earn its title in spades this weekend.

Actually, the fellas coming are great. They go way back with Mac Daddy and they have welcomed me into their Cheesehead fold with the ease of meeting a long lost friend. The guys get together every summer to golf, drink beer, tell tall tales, drink beer, talk trash, drink beer, eat chicken wings, nap, drink beer, and drink some more beer. They're from Wisconsin, what'd you expect?

Seriously, these guys are the ones who took time off from work, drove over two hours (one with a toddler in tow) to come to Mac Daddy's sister's funeral. Mac Daddy didn't expect to see them and he broke down at the mere sight of his friends walking through the church doors, ties adjusted just so, posture stick straight and perfect, expressions forlorn. At the death of Mac Daddy's father last year, these guys did it again...traveling through perilous winter highways this time. No words were exchanged. Just hugs, the really deep bear hug kind where no one wants to let go first. Shared tears. Eye contact that clearly said, "I love you, man." These guys are family.

As smelly as my house will be, I'm thrilled to see them.

In honor of the beer that will be consumed this weekend, today's drink is Wisconsin Limeade.

1 6-pack of Miller Lite (We're going with the Wisconsin theme here. Only a WI brew will do! Hmmm...that sounds like a fine tag line.)
1 can of frozen limeade (Go generic store brand here. Wisconsin is not a fancy place.)
sliced lime for garnish (Not that the boys from Wisconsin will appreciate garnish, but I aspire to be a proper hostess.)

In a really, really big pitcher, mix the beer (all of it, it's not like you won't drink this heat buster) and limeade. Mix 'er up really well with a metal spoon (reduces the foam). Serve cold in chilled glasses...redundant, no? Rest assured that I'd have some of those chilled glasses on hand if it weren't the for the three racks of spareribs, two pounds of shrimp, and two gallons of ice cream taking up all the space in my freezer...those boys have to eat something (OK the ice cream is for yours truly.)! Garnish (the ever important detail!) with a lime slice.

Make a toast to friendship and enjoy!

So refreshing on a muggy day. Those guys will think they've stepped off the plane directly into a vegetable steamer. Needless to say, we'll be enjoying our Wisconsin Limeade indoors in the comfort of a cool 78 degrees (several degrees cooler than the comfort of 82 that I prefer...my favorite temperature...see #22.)
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San Diego Momma said...

Speaking as someone who went to college in Milwaukee, I'm quite jealous that all those Wisconsinites will be visiting. Wisconsin is the best place in the world. I need me a slice of Wisconsin these days! San Diego's nearly beat all the midwestern out of me and I miss it dearly.

Have fun! And I'm totally trying the Limeade.

Anonymous said...

As a Wisconsinite, enjoy the company. Mac Daddy's guys are great!! As a youngin I loved hangin around him and learning...yes the bad words, from him. As for this drink, it sounds like the lunchbox, or is that something different? Have a great weekend!!
PS That temp in your house is to HOT!!!!