Sunday, September 14, 2008

23 Magazines and Not One in the Bathroom

I have some pretty highbrow magazines coming to my mailbox. I'm one of those erudite, horn rimmed glasses kind of girl, don't ya know.

Um, not really.

But magazines, or any other reading material for that matter, do not make their way into the bathroom. Staph germs on the pages I flip through?! The horror. Not under my roof.

There are actually pretty flighty publications that pepper my reading list which tends to get a little heavy and hearty. My brain needs material that requires no more attention than a wee bit of perusal while I engage in other activities like watching Alton Brown or listening to Mac Daddy hammer out flight costs and times for a holiday trip to see family back in Wisconsin. I read magazines during my brain's down time.

And, because I work in marketing, it's helpful to see and read what resonates with various audiences these days. For instance, here's what I've learned: Sex sells to both men and women. Children are becoming miniature adults. Everyone eats. Fashion makes us feel like shit about ourselves. Celebrity worship is alive and kicking. Dockers is making a comeback. People still sport the milk mustache. Paul Mitchell must stop starring in his own ads. Target rocks. People are actually willing to spend a mortgage payment on a handbag. Men are eternally trapped in the bodies of 12-year old boys. No one is a natural blond. Indian women apparently do not live in America.

Here's what I currently have a subscription to (and yes, I do read them all, albeit not necessarily in the month in which they were delivered):

  1. Southern Living - Fantastic recipes and tidbits on gardening (I live vicariously.)
  2. Cooking Light - Easy recipes that I actually have the ingredients for, and most importantly, dessert often makes the cover story
  3. Food & Wine - Add shoes and you've got a purely perfect publication.
  4. Details - Men's fashion and what nots that are a good insight into the metrosexual lifestyle.
  5. Maxim - Tasteless and sexist, but the jokes are funny.
  6. Glamour - Still a keeper after all these years. Funny, now all those articles about wrinkles and hair color speak to me.
  7. Inc. - Hipper than your average business rag.
  8. Entrepreneur - Does the opposite of inspiring me; makes me curl up and give up.
  9. Wired - Not written in a language I understand.
  10. Marie Claire - Fashion. Blah. Make Up. Blah. Boyfriends. Blah.
  11. Lucky - Shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Love the little stickies inside to mark what I covet.
  12. Allure - Hair and make up, two things I don't do. I'm a ponytail and swipe of mascara and black eyeliner girl (liquid only).
  13. Self - Awesome workouts, but the lithe models don't fit the "all women are beautiful" message.
  14. Consumer Report - A must-have if you ever buy anything.
  15. National Geographic Traveler - Cool trips but out of my reach.
  16. Conde Nast Travel - Way out of my league. More living vicariously.
  17. Cookie - Fabulous girl clothes that are fabulously expensive. Not for the poor or frugal. And totally unrealistic visual representation of motherhood.
  18. Parent - Your basics. Moms, kids, meals.
  19. Brain, Child - Fantastic essay writing with no fluff.
  20. W - Too big for my mailbox. Obnoxious fashion. And I've hated the letter "W" for at least four years now.
  21. Rolling Stone - Lost all faith when the Jonas Brothers were on the cover.
  22. Newsweek - Anna Quindlen.
  23. Domino - Cool, funky, fresh home decor ideas and inspiration that are actually affordable and doable.

And I did learn one funny little tidbit from this month's Glamour: Apparently Meghan McCain won't be running for office any time soon (wipe brow and exhale here). However, she did say, and I quote, "I would help run a campaign but, I would never run for office. I've seen how it affects families, and I'd like to have one someday." Hmmm... Clearly the interview was ages ago since it made the September issue, meaning it took place before Sarah Palin was a household name.

So what magazines are in baskets and bathrooms around your house?
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Anonymous said...

Good heavens, what a list! We say this of course, uncomfortable in the knowledge ours is as long, if not longer. (We're adding in the Princess Consort's magazines as well, like ESPN and Sports Illustrated.)

Your comments on the individual books are great - we loved them. We don't have as many travel pubs as you do, in what is clearly a very well and finely curated group!

Our list would include almost all of yours plus Vogue, T&C, Art & Architecture and we can't remember what else!

Fabulous post!

The Cube Monkey said...

We have a subscription to "one" magazine and that is Mental Floss.

Anonymous said...

The only magazines at our house are Little Green, National Geo for kids, and highlights. I know how sad, but I have NO time and I would feel like my mom having a stack sitting around and finally paging through them years later. I just can't do that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of reading!

Thanks for visiting. I'm in Rocky Mount.

The Over-Thinker said...


As someone who's a foodie for a living...most of mine are about FOOD. But I tend to go in all directions:

Bon Appetit
Cooks Illustrated
Restaurant News
Mother Jones
US Weekly
The Flavorist
Pizza Today

Anonymous said...

Over Thinker, You are a foodie for a living?! How can I get that job? What's CMYK?

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, no wonder mailman Tim is always so beat by the time he gets to our house! :)

Up here in GeekWorld, we get
Wired, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, History of Technology, and Dwell. Sort of the antithesis of your list, isn't it. Our poor kids!

The Over-Thinker said...

If you have a Culinary degree and then get a job with a food development company, it goes with the territory :) Also, I am obsessed with eating, but I like the sound of "Foodie" rather than "Porky-Pig." :)

CMYK is a graphic-design magazine.