Friday, September 19, 2008

5:00 Fridays

Arr, me hearties! Today's grog is not for the lily-livered among you. It'll get you loaded to the Gunwales before you can say shiver me timbers!

Give a toast to International Talk Like a Pirate Day and splice the mainbrace! This is a major global event. Hell, pirates traveled and pillaged the seven seas so they got around. It only makes sense that the whole world will be embracing this event. Beware of calling help desks and travel agents today. I'm pretty sure Babblefish does not translate Pirate.

Buried Treasure

1 oz Amaretto
1 oz Coffee Liqueur (I prefer Kahlua. Is there another?)
6 oz Orange juice (pulp free for sure)
1 oz Whipped Cream (Be decadent and whip it up yourself with good quality cream mixed with a sprinkle of finely chopped orange peel.)

Mix together all the liquid ingredients with crushed ice in a tall glass. Add a dollop of whipped cream if you so desire. Garnish with mint leaves.

Enjoy, me buckos! Drink too much grog and risk becoming a squiffy!
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Fairly Odd Mother said...

I'm all for squiffy! Bring on the squiffy!!!!

The Cooking Lady said...

Can I come to your house? If I wasn't still on medication form surgery, I swear I would hightail it your place.

That sounds beyond yummy. I will bring a broom and dust pan, will that get me in?

Love your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you fedex this to me so I can try it?

I missed your B-Day. Happy Belated Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Anything with whipped cream I am there!