Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Heart Matt Damon Even More Now

One more reason to love Matt Damon. Sigh.

Can't you totally hear the passion in his voice? It's as close to Matt + Passion that I'm ever gonna get. Hubba. Hubba.
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The Over-Thinker said...

....kicking myself for turning down his marriage proposal....

Anonymous said...

I really like Matt Damon but this is one of those times that actors shouldn’t comment on politics, especially with Palin. Not because his comments weren’t good – in fact I think they were spot on – but things like this are exactly what conservatives use to energize their base. They love telling the stories about how Palin is just like the rest of us while Obama is just like a Hollywood celebrity, and this is just fuel for the fire.

Ilina said...

I agree that Hollywood opens up the whole "elitist" argument. But truth be told, it is the McCain's who spend $100,000 a month on their American Express card. It is appalling that he is running as the "every man's man" candidate. Ditto for the likes of gajillionaire Meg Whitman who's whoopin' it up for McPain.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Why shouldn't actors comment on politics? Aren't they entitle to their opinions also? So what if conservatives will use Damon's comments, they will some way to do it regardless if Damon comment or not.

Anyway, any one who has some intelligence know that McCain choosing Palin is purely a political move. This the Republican Party we're talking about. The Party of Nixon, Rove, and Bush.

They put someone who is inexperienced but who can rev-up the crowd in order to poke fun of Obamas ability to draw big crowds and his lack of "public office" experience. This is an in your face move by the McCain group.

We knew that this was coming. I just hope that Obama takes off his gloves and go after them swinging. Forget taking the high road on this one. This is too important!