Friday, October 10, 2008

Accentuate the Positive

So how do you like my shirt? You love it, don't you? Can you read it well enough to see the most excellent tag line? It says "Accentuate the positive." I got the shirt from Erin by way of Jen. Pretty cool, huh? I'm going to wear it proudly everyday until the election. Well, being the neat freak I am, I'll wash it regularly. But I can't promise I'll fold it. The empty guest room acts as our clean laundry depository. It's best to make use of our space, right?

Watch this video to see me in my other fave Obama shirt. You'll see Bird and Deal in their shirts too. We're going to all wear our shirts in a little neighborhood parade when we go vote on November 4 (NOTE: North Carolina's deadline to register to vote is TODAY, and early voting starts next THURSDAY.).

Let's have an Obama bling runway show. Send me a link to you wearing your favorite shirt or pin or hat or whatever.
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Anonymous said...

You are loving the hair straightner aren't you? you look awesome!! (oh and the shirt is great too)-

Ilina said...

Oh Ashley, you know I love my new flat iron. You have started an addiction.

Neil said...

Nice shirt... and hair.

Miss Britt said...

LOVE the shirt!!

Here's my Obama flair, straight from a rally:



Anonymous said...

Love the shirt. I want one. I am a Canadian and permanent resident of the US...which means I CANT VOTE :(

So I give money to the campaign regularly and try to show support anyway I can. I want that shirt. Plus I look real good in red :)

Happy Willow said...

Love your shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your shirt rocks it! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Your shirt kicks ass. I don't have an Obama shirt and I need one.

But I do have an anti-McCain shirt for my little one -