Friday, November 21, 2008

5:00 Fridays

Mac Daddy has been gone since Sunday morning, not to be home until Saturday morning. That means I played the role of a single mom all week. Luckily my supporting cast, Bird and Deal, have had extraordinarily good behavior (except for a spell Thursday night). Nonetheless, I suck at being a single mom. Wow do I bow down to the folks who do this day in day out with no respite in sight. All I had to do was chant the Little Engine That Could mantra to keep my sights set to Saturday. Single parents, like my dad was, deserve a standing ovation, any support we can provide, and a helluva a lot of respect.

So to wrap up my week, I found the most perfect drink (and lucky me just happened to have all the ingredients on hand!).

Absolut Stress
1 shot Absolut vodka
1 shot Malibu rum
Generous splash of cranberry juice
1/2 shot peach schnapps
Splash of pineapple juice

Add the goodies to your cocktail shaker that you've already filled with ice. Shake. Let the stress out. Pour into a highball glass with some of the ice. Garnish with a skewer of cranberries and half moon slice of orange. What a way to use the BOGO bags of cranberries out this time of year!

Put your feet up, undo the top button of your jeans if you must, exhale, sip, sigh, ahhh...

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dadshouse said...

As a single dad (with half-time custody, which carries its own set of issues) - I appreciate your appreciation for single parents. And I applaud you for recognizing that a cocktail is one hell of a good way to keep an even keel! (Just drink responsibly, I always say)

This recipe sounds great - I'll give it a try. Happy Friday!

The Over-Thinker said...

This sounds REALLY good.

I have a request--I'm having some girlfriends over on the 5th and I want to offer 2 types of martinis--I'm thinking a good old cosmo and then something like a keylime pie martini. Any suggestions? Could you share a few options with me?