Friday, December 5, 2008

5:00 Fridays

I might lose some readers this week with my cocktail choice but I'm willing to shake things up a bit and reach wwaaaayyyy out on the proverbial limb.

It's December, when oysters are big, juicy, and plentiful. I'm an oyster snob. They must be fresh and they must be raw. You heard me. Raw. Mac Daddy and I can put away some oysters and bottled beers.

What the hell does this have to do with a 5:00 Friday cocktail for cripe's sake, you ask?

Oyster Shooter

1 small freshly shucked raw oyster with its juice (Whatever you do, do not used an oyster that was shacked up in a tin can.)
1 ounce ice cold Ketel One vodka
Generous dash of Tabasco Sauce
Squeeze of fresh (only fresh!) lemon juice

Pop that oyster into a chilled martini glass or a shot glass. Add the vodka, a generous dose of Tabasco, and squeeze of lemon juice. Drink and gulp, don't sip. A true oyster shooter aficionado lets that little pearly gem slide down his throat without chewing. Me? I'm a chewer.

Let me know what you think of this week's cocktail. Will you try it? Are you gagging right now? Do you think I've lost my mind? Are you scrolling down looking for the real cocktail, thinking this is a joke? Whadya think?

I have many memories of slurping down these suckers at St. Maarten Cafe in my hometown. Well, the memories admittedly got a bit fuzzy after a few of these. Nonetheless, the beauty of the oyster shooter? A cocktail and a snack all in one!

Down the hatch!
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Anonymous said...

PUKE, no thank you on even smelling this cocktail.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Great choice.

Anonymous said...

YUM. I have not had oysters in forever.

dadshouse said...

This sounds awesome. I LOVE oysters, especially on a date. They have aphrodesiac qualities, of course.

My cocktail today is Irish Coffee. Love that we both do cocktail recipes!

San Diego Momma said...

I don't think I like oysters.
I have never tried them.
But I do not think I will like them.

I do not accept this reasoning from my kids when it comes to vegetables, but I wholeheartedly embrace it for myself.

Joe said...

I LOVE raw oysters. Unfortunately, my doesn't, so I only get them occasionally.

Nice tweeting w/ you about the scallops. Hope they turn out well for you.

Magpie said...

See now, I'd rather have a dozen oysters with a glass of muscadet on the side. Because there's NO WAY I could down a dozen the way that you're suggesting!

The Over-Thinker said...

My eyes are saying PUKE but my heart is saying MMmmmmYesPlease.