Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spelling Lessons

Bird is learning to read. We are very proud. I love to read too. Bird is also learning to spell.


"Fart! I spelled fart! Fart! Fart! Fart!"

Laughter, guffawing, chuckling ensues.

Boys will be boys, as they say. And by boys, I mean anyone with a Y chromosome. Apparently fart jokes don't get stale at any age. Mac Daddy, at the ripe age of 40, was busting a gut. He was trying to hide his over zealous amusement, but I totally nabbed him.

What's next on the list of life lessons a father teaches his son? Pull my finger? I guess that's all I can expect from the Old Fart.
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followthatdog said...

reminds me of that scene in Raising Arizona where his boss has his whole family at Hi's house. The kid is writing FART on the wall and his father says proudly, "That Buford's a sly one. he already knows his ABCs" Men have different standards for paternal pride.

Anonymous said...

Ian would buckle down on the reading immediately if he realized spelling fart was an option.

The Over-Thinker said...

Wait until Mac Daddy shows him how to spell "BOOB" on a calculator. Math with be his new favorite subject :)

dadshouse said...

I grew up in a house full of boys, and I didn't know girls or women farted - until I got married.


Now I have a soccer playing daughter who can be a big tomboy. Can I say it again?


(In case you can't tell, my son's and my farts don't stink. Ha!)

Anonymous said...

Seriously fart jokes make the world go round. Is okay to teach my girl fart jokes too?

Anonymous said...

Have they learned to do armpit farts yet? That is a novelty in our house!

Anonymous said...

You bet, boys will be boys. This goes to show that it doesn't matter who raise us, men, we will act the way we act because WE ARE MEN! WE ARE MEN! MEN! MEN! LOL