Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

I realize that today is traditionally Wordless Wednesday. However, it also happens to be Earth Day, and I couldn't possibly keep my trap shut. I'm not here to preach or tease or taunt or cajole. I'm here to simply say that we have one planet that has sustainable life for us carbon based life forms. Let's do our part to keep it healthy.

As for me, I'm trying, and admittedly often floundering. I figure that in aggregate every little bit helps. And so I recycle, natch. I wash out plastic Ziploc bags to reuse them until they leak. I have energy efficient appliances. I bring my own bags to the grocery store (and even to department stores and Target, which seems to make people uncomfortable for some reason). I am a pretty annoying light turner offer and outlet unplugger. I don't let the car idle while I wait in the car pool line. We are slovenly poster children for ChemLawn because we don't use chemicals or fertilizer (hey, weeds are green). Sure, our whole family could do more. We all could. I just ask that you do what you can, mkay?

And as for the photos up there. Deal found that rock with a hole in it in the creek at Umstead Park when we were hiking one day. Yeah, it's shaped like South America, but that's not the significance. Don't you agree that the little hole in the rock is a metaphor? I mean, really, a rock that's like a gajillion years old bears a holey injury. It's a message. Mother Nature works in mysterious ways. It's downright sad to see. It's somehow magical at the same time. The power of nature inspires jaw dropping, eye bulging awe.

And if for no other reason, take a good long look at those gloriously handsome boys up there. My first baby Bird and little baby Deal. Are you really going to watch them frolic and giggle and guffaw while you drop those cigarette butts out the window, toss the aluminum cans in the trash, use a leaf blower instead of a rake, drive a Hummer? Help keep the planet healthy for them. They're not old enough to have fucked it up as much as we all have. It's our responsibility to the next generation, and we must not take it lightly.

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Jen L. said...

It is so SO important that everyone do their part! I don't think global warming and such really hit home with me until I saw it up close and personal in Alaska. Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate and some of the most beautiful parts of this world are being polluted beyond belief. It's our responsibility as parents to teach our children lessons like this. NYC has one of the best recycling programs in the nation. I loved being a part of that while I lived there.

dadshouse said...

I'm so glad I sold my Jeep and got a Camry Hybrid a few years ago. My new car shuts its own engine off when I'm stopped or slowing down. Awesome! Why the hell didn't Detroit think of that?

DCUrbanDad said...

Personally ready for Green week to be over. Just an excuse for advertiser to claim they are green.

Anonymous said...

Amen, sister. Keep it green and keep it clean!