Friday, June 5, 2009

5:00 Fridays

It's been a tough week of fighting the stomach flu here at the home of Dirt & Noise. I haven't even had a taste for cocktails or coffee all week. I know. SO hard to believe. And yeah, the absence of those liquid luxuries make life somewhat sucky, though my sour stomach would have reeled...rather, hurled. Wait a sec, that is what happened. I've been swilling ginger ale on ice all week, so much nicer than Riunite.

As a nod to my recent ginger ale intake and Mac Daddy's liquor of choice, I bring you:

Jack & Ginger

ginger ale
shot of bourbon
ice, natch

Add ice to a lowball glass. Clink it around a bit, you know, just for effect. Pour in a shot of Jack Daniels (or two, if it's been a particularly horrid week). Top with ginger ale. Sip and sigh. Ahhh...

As for me, I hope to be off the wagon this weekend.
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Gibby said...

Yum, jack is my best friend! Love it with diet Coke...

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

Well it IS Friday.
Now we're talklng.

Unknown said...

Did you know "The Local" here in Mpls (Irish Bar on 10th and Nicollet) is the largest purveyor of Jameson Whiskey in the WORLD?
Or so, they claim.
Jeffs new favorite drink from them is the "Big Ginger".

1 part Jameson Whiskey,
to 3 parts Ginger Ale.
Garnish with a Lime.

Unknown said...

Sounds close to your "jack and ginger".

Hope you are feeling better soon!
Then maybe you can sample my new favorite drink I've been buzzing about..."summer hummer".


DCUrbanDad said...


Jack and Ginger (salivating)

But I prefer Maker's Mark.

dadshouse said...

Sounds good, but I prefer Jim Beam Black Label. It rocks!