Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti: "Te a fatige."

The earth is tired.

Words spoken by forlorn Haitian farmers. One cannot help but sigh. Or moan.

From National Geographic: "So what do you do if you live in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, and the price of the primary carbohydrate—'Miami rice' from the U.S.—doubles? Mostly, you go hungry and watch your children do the same."

Such grim conditions are reality to Haitian mothers. Can you even bring your mind to the hell theirs must occupy? I simply cannot. I watched my sons inhale two helpings of sesame chicken at dinner tonight. As I watched them dawdle and chat and chew, all I could think about was Haiti. The people of Haiti. The mothers. And their sons.

Haiti has seen its share of hell. It is the Western hemisphere's poorest country. A long history of war, pillaging, greed, and destruction has made it so.

The recent earthquake devastation reeks of Katrina in its imagery, social classism, and utter despair. The income gap is more a canyon. The race and class divide is astonishing. The destruction is beyond my grasp. Katrina and the tsunami all rolled into one whirling nightmare.

Despite the bigotry masked as Christian righteousness that Pat Robertson spews, Haiti, and her people, did not deserve this. There was no pact with the Devil. Do people really buy this shit? If the Devil does indeed exist, I believe he looks a lot like Pat Robertson.

We are citizens of this planet. We share our humanity. Poor people do not love their children any less. Disenfranchised masses don't deserve less. We waste in one day what could clothe and feed a family of four in Haiti for days. As human beings who have so much, it is our duty to be giving. If you cannot open your passport to join an aid mission, then open your checkbook.

For just one day, I ask you to forgo that latte, Target impulse purchase, or eBay pair of Frye boots. Donate that money instead. What is so small to us makes an enormous difference to those in need.

We're giving here. Stop Hunger Now.

You can also give here:


Yele Haiti (You can text "yele" to 501501 to automatically donate $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund. The 5 bucks will be charged to your regular cell phone bill. It doesn't get any easier than this.)

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Text "HAITI" to "90999" to donate $10 to the Red Cross.)

Doctors Without Borders

Charity: Water

And one last thing, don't wait for tragedy to strike or the advent calendar to count down, be giving everyday, in whatever small ways you can. We recently wrote down our family values on a board in our mudroom, an exercise I often do to help my clients define their brand and messages. I figure we represent brand Dirt & Noise so why not give this a shot. Here are the values that define our family:


Now, to make those four little words come to life....

This isn't just about Haiti; it's about Humanity.
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Motherhood and Me said...

Great post. Exactly the information I was looking for.

San Diego Momma said...

This is a great post. Not just the how, but the why we should help.


P.S. Do the Stop Hunger Now donations go to Haiti?


Jen L. said...

Wonderful post. Thanks for giving so many options for how to help.

Also, Pat Robertson??? How dare he.

Corina - Down to Earth Mama said...

Beautiful. Everything I have been thinking and feeling. Thank you so much, dear friend.

Everyday, a citizen of the world. When we think of humanity, there are no borders. If I can't jump on a plane to do anything ANYTHING if just to hold a hand, I might as well give. It reminds me that each and everyday we can be doing more.

My heart and thoughts are with you, Haiti.

Mama Mary said...

I found you via a RT from Deb. Wonderful post. I was just thinking about this tonight as well when I was tucking my daughters into their cozy warm beds with their fuzzy Dora blankets--the luxuries we take for granted sometimes. Also thanks for posting how/where we can help.

Single Mom Seeking said...

Thank you for this thoughtful, smart post.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Amen, you said it.
Mothers everywhere love their children the same and it's for the love of my own that I'm cutting the Red Cross a check. This devastation is terrible.

Susan Niebur (WhyMommy) said...

You bet.

I gave @UNICEF, but I'm giving again -- every time that I pull out my wallet this week, I'm setting aside an equal amount for Haiti. I don't want to forget.

We are so, so very lucky.

LT said...

This is a wonderful and thoughtful post. We need to think of ourselves as global citizens - in times of disaster but also everyday. Thank you for writing this.

KBO said...

Amen, sister.

The Mother said...

Can you believe that self-righteous a-hole?

I wanted to climb through the computer and throttle him. Last I heard, the Haitian earthquake was caused by plates moving in the earth's crust. Not devils.

The problem is that the Christian omnipotent, omnipresent, benevolent god doesn't look good when bad things happen. So the jerks have to blame it on anyone and anything else.

ree said...