Sunday, January 10, 2010

Merry Christmas! I'm on it in 2010.

We, rather I, didn't get around to sending Christmas cards this year. Let's be honest. How many husbands are the ones ordering, writing, stamping, and mailing holiday cards anyway? Mac Daddy does an awful lot, but he's never dealt with holiday razzle dazzle of any sort.

And I really did have good intentions.

I had a whole host of photos that I just never got printed into cards. I'd putz about on tiny prints and poke around to find the perfect card. The. Perfect. Card. I'd become so overwhelmed that I just clicked the little X to close the window. My head is in no condition to make such choices during the most wonderful time of the year. Such choices! Wonderful schmunderful.

I like to simply go with the green argument this year. I saved lots of trees and resources by not sending holiday cards this year. While that might not have been the impetus of the year without a card, it sure was a pretty good by-product.

I vowed to make 2010 a banner year. Our year.

I'm getting a jump start on the holidaze.

Merry Christmas from our Dirty & Noisy home!
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DCUrbanDad said...

Awesome picture. They are even cuter in person. And BTW, this husband did help, stamp and label the cards. Only problem is this husband FORGOT to stamp around 30 cards that went out and proceeded to come back while we were in NC. Doh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute boys. I think any time I forget to do/buy something I can blame my "environmental awareness."

dadshouse said...

Love the jammie pic! As for cards, please don't get all sexist on us! Both my brothers sent cards for their families, not their wives. And as a single dad, I have had to do my own xmas cards for the past decade (and I did them when married, too). There are men in the world who do this sort of thing. I chose not to send cards this year, but I've sent them in almost every other holiday year since my divorce.

Happy New year!!

Chris Cactus said...

I'm a little late but Happy New Year!