Friday, April 16, 2010

5:00 Fridays

I have professed my love for Fat Tire before. Beer delivery among local watering holes just happens to be around the time I take my sons to school. We inevitably spot a Fat Tire truck. Bird and Deal whoop and holler like it's the Peeps truck. Even when I buy a different beer brand (GASP, the horror!), Deal asks, "Mommy, are you buying Fat Tire?" Bird puts the bubbles from his bath into a plastic cup and presents Fat Tire to Deal. A hallmark of stellar parenting.

It might come as a surprise that today's drink isn't Fat Tire, but it's another New Belgium masterpiece. A seasonal pale ale has me cheating on my beloved Fat Tire (nevermind the other pansy brands I've partaken in before).

Mighty Arrow.

Sounds like a good Y Guides tribe name. I'm tucking that in my back pocket for when Deal is of age.

In the mean time, I'll be donning my $9.99 Tarjhay shades and spending my moulah on Mighty Arrow instead. You can find me on my patio admiring my garden, chasing my dog, tossing the lacrosse ball with Bird, or just kicking back with Real Simple and a beer.

Mighty Arrow, named after a beloved dog. Crafted by a beloved brewery.
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theRAB said...

I can't wait to share a brew with you and everyone next Friday evening! yay

And hey, it's 5:00pm somewhere right?

Anonymous said...

Your plans sound perfectly wonderful.

Whit said...

As an added bonus it has a bit more alcohol in it. So there's that.

Deirdre Reid said...

That IS the perfect beer for a day like today. I had one after a hike last week and it hit the spot. Cheers!

1A said...

And? I just bought a six-pack of this today. We must have been on the same beer wavelength or something. I'm saving mine for tomorrow night. (Working on a bloody mary right now. Yum!)

Happy Friday!