Monday, April 7, 2008

Tell me something I don't know!

You must read this before you continue.

Is this really what researchers need to spend their grant dollars doing? The next thing you know some fancy pants PhD from MIT is going to tell me that the latest research shows that college fraternity parties encourage binge drinking among 19-year old boys or that the more often a teenage LiLo wannabe wears words across her ass the less likely she is to get a BA in Economics.

Of course men create more housework for women! The male researcher should have just asked his wife. Or his mother. In this case, a focus group of one would have been sufficient to draw conclusions. Here's my favorite quote from Frank, "And the situation gets worse for women when they have children." No shit. Allow me to gather myself and readjust since falling over backwards from my Aeron.

Let's start with the little details of oh, say BIRTH. We do the hard work (as they say, it ain't called labor for nuthin'). The problem is that labor doesn't end when the nurse lays that writhing miracle in your arms. The fun just begins. We get to wear a diaper for weeks while trying to feed a child who gnaws on our nipples for hours a day. And never mind the juggling of other little ones running around, remembering to take the Lean Cuisine out of the microwave so we can get some much needed nourishment to keep the milk flowing, change some diapers, throw in laundry, and find time to sneak in a shower. Oh yeah, and then we're supposed to pick up our husband's strewn shoes and socks and briefcase to clear a path to the stairs and help him find his keys that he refuses to hang on the conveniently located hook by the front door.

Harumph. Frank, may I suggest you go research something more meaningful, like why women still think Republicans are helping our cause.
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CroutonBoy said...

You missed the point...this is completely surprising to me, because as a male I am in complete denial of all of it (except the binge drinking part, which I missed because I was passed out most of the time). You're not the target audience...GUYS are.

I promise I leave no mess behind me. Just ask my wife.

Ilina said...

You forget that I knew you back in the day when the contents of your cubicle were visible 12 feet before your cubicle entrance. I think I knew you through some of the binge drinking too...which was a factor in that mess.

Anonymous said...

The thing I loved about this report is that they said if you put this in terms of 150 years ago, men move up in status to somebody who has a servant, and women move down in status to being a servant. I felt like throwing the toaster oven crumb tray I was scouring right through the TV!

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