Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hangin' with the In Crowd

I love the concept of this new site, and not just because Dirt & Noise is featured as site of the week!

The website, 30Threads, in its beta form right now, is a wonderful clearing house for goings on in the Triangle. It might cover events and hip happenings, up-to-the-minute news, or simply people like me opining about a variety of topics. I have a hunch the content is gonna be pretty doggone interesting and cool whether you live in my neck o' the woods or not.The best part is that 30Threads helps me be even lazier than I already am; doing the surfing for me so cool websites and blogs come right to me. Yup, I don't have to lift a finger off my well-loved wireless mouse.

Take a look at all the topics covered in the right hand sidebar. That's a tall order for any dedicated surfer to fill! As for this blogger, though, I'm going to work on filling a tall drink order for tomorrow's 5:00 Fridays post.
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Anonymous said...

i like their layout...pretty cool concept.

Anonymous said...

It was so awesome meeting you last night. The video you were interviewed for is currently posted as the top video at http://wake.mync.com/site/wake/

I don't have a permalink to it yet, not sure if that's forthcoming or what.

I truly enjoyed chatting with you and Cathy (not sure of the spelling). I so love your blog (hence the reason it was featured as our first site of the week). And you're just as fabulous in person as you are in your blog. Thanks for coming out to the blogger bash and for supporting our new site with such a kind post today.

The only catch is Thursdays are my new Fridays, so your cocktail recipe is going to be a day late for me thanks to my new schedule. :o)