Friday, August 1, 2008

5:00 Fridays

I'm Indian. 100%. I look it, but I'm terrible at math and science, and I speak with a discernible Southern drawl after testing a handful of 5:00 Fridays concoctions. Today's cocktail is a nod to my heritage and a grown up version of my favorite Indian treat that my sons now clamor for.

Mango Lassi for Lads and Lasses

You'll need a tall glass. Grab the tallest one you got, folks. Add some ice just for clinking effect.

You're gonna need a straw. Grab a few extra from McDonald's if you can. They have the best straws. Trust me here. They really do. Nice wide openings to make the drink burst through and wake up even the laziest of taste buds.

Now get your blender out from the cabinet above the fridge. Yeah, I'll wait while you move the salad spinner and rice cooker out of the way. Now by all means, rinse the dust out of that puppy.

To your newly clean blender add four, yes four, ice cubes, a shot of vanilla vodka, a shot of amaretto, a cup of mango juice (Trader Joe's has a great variety), and a tablespoon of plain yogurt. Whiz away until it's smoothie consistency.

Pour over ice into your tall glass. Don't forget every cocktail's necessary accessory! Garnish with a skewer of fresh mango chunks. For a real Indian touch, a simple sprig of cilantro would look lovely.

And because this looks like a smoothie, I just might be sipping one right now and you wouldn't even know it. Hee hee hee...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, my mouth is watering already!!!

San Diego Momma said...

Oh my Lordy McLorderson. Now that sounds delicious.
I love mango lassis anyway, and now the vanilla vodka and amaretto thing? Holy intervention.

Angel said...

That is most definitely my next girls night out cocktail!!!! I hope I remember to take pics for you so I can show you I made it!


Anonymous said...

Let me just say that my friend Christy and I indulged in these Friday night and were in heaven. We didn't even want the lassi mustache go to waste by way of a napkin.