Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Story of Deception

My new bloggy friend and one of my fave reads, San Diego Momma, prompted me to write about DECEPTION today. I've got only 10 minutes and 250 words. Ready, set, write!

She wore a filmy silk crimson gown and teetering strappy heels. Supple peach lips, a gloriously shiny brown mane that bounced when she threw her head back in laughter, legs as tall as the dwarf coat check guy. Smoldering Gauloise in a Holly Golightly vintage cigarette holder with a glint of crystal encrusting the tip. Her own bling was heavy on her fingers and ears, rubies. Only rubies for her. She knew it would be sexier to keep her decolletage free of jewels to show off her well cut clavicle and long neck befitting royalty.

Men were showering her with cocktails and compliments. She flirtatiously laughed and reveled in the attention. She giggled on cue and absentmindedly twisted a strand of hair with her French manicured fingers between drinks. The offers came at at a fiery pace, but she smugly laughed them off. She wasn't going home with anyone tonight. Not tonight. Maybe not even tomorrow night.

She wasn't ready for commitment, and a casual fling wasn't an option.

She was the center of attention, yet lonely. Internal strife tortured her soul. Her life was a cliche. A B-rated screen play at best. She should really find a good therapist. And she should really tell her family. The mere thought of it made her shiver, goosebumps covering her strong taut arms.

Stripped of the gown, the jewels, the gloss, there were overdue plastic surgery bills, dental crowns, bunions, and Spanx. She spent a fortune on laser hair removal and colored contact lenses. Her shoes were special order from England a la Kinky Boots.
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Unknown said...

Love It! And I really loved the movie Kinky Boots. Your plot twist at the end is so unexpected and makes this story so great.

San Diego Momma said...

Sometimes I feel like my appearance is all smoke and mirrors too.

So glad you played along this PROMPTuesday!
(And thx for the nice comments.)


tinsenpup said...

I loved it. That was so skillfully wrought and such fun to read. The ending had me rubbing my hands together gleefully.

Temple Stark said...

Hehehe, so true. I didn't know what half of those accoutrements were but she sounded like a glitteratti.

A lot of new people this PROMPT week. Glad you're one of them.


Anonymous said...

WOW! 10 minutes, huh? So when can you visit my class and show my students that it's possible to write well in 10 minutes?