Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fondue is Fun to Do!

Who doesn't like to play with their food and dip their morsels into sauces of all kinds? Fondue is the perfect fun family meal. We map it all out so it's safe, mind you. And while I have germ issues of all kinds, I can roll up sleeves and get into some fondue. I'm eating family after all, not a bunch of strangers in a Swiss cafe.

We, with our Wisconsin roots, use cheese, not oil or broth. It's admittedly not as heart healthy, but what kid (or ahem, grown up) doesn't like cheese?! I melt the cheese on the stove top first (some crushed garlic, grated gruyere or swiss, a bit of flour, milk, white wine) and transfer it to the fondue pot with a lit tea light instead of the sterno stuff. Then I give each person a plate of bite size goodies to dip and devour.

Par steamed broccoli florets, sliced apples and pears, cubes of ham, chunks of sourdough bread, quarters of vidalia onions, snap peas, zucchini rounds. I also give the boys a ramekin of lemon garlic butter and a dijon vinaigrette (ranch dressing would be fine too) for dipping. They scarf down their veggies and have a blast playing with their food. Be warned, it is an ordeal simply choosing a fondue fork that is just the right color.

Melted chocolate in individual ramekins is a delightful end to a fondue dinner. We use strawberries, bananas, angel food or pound cake, madelines (those cakey French cookies that are amazing from Costco!), kiwi, pineapple chunks, and marshmallows.

The best part about fondue is that it's a lingering dinner, which means more family time.

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San Diego Momma said...

I'm a fondue gal, so I loved this.

My dad used to make cheese fondue every Christmas Eve (he of the Wisconsin roots) and added just cheese and beer. But lordy lordy, is it good.

Anonymous said...

I had fondue in Switzerland, and we made the mistake of drinking beer with our meal. The cheese balls up in your stomach! A restaurant patron finally told us in broken English (since we didn't speak his French) that we should drink white wine or tea.

Anonymous said...

Oh San Diego Momma, I just knew you'd know the good ol' German way. Basically Wisconsin fondue and Beer Cheese Soup are the same thing...sinfully delicious!

Dad's House, thanks for the beer tip. Based on what San Diego Momma says, I suppose it's far better to cook with beer in the fondue than drink it. Forget the tea, I'll take the white wine!